Cool And Fashionable Wet Hairstyles

We have been hearing this time and again to avoid blow drying hair as much as possible. But who has the time to air dry and style the hair before you rush to your work in the mornings? Think of another situation.

You are done with a relaxing and rejuvenating swimming session at the pool or beach and you are bored to gather your wet hair in the same old lazy ponytail style every time. We all know that styling wet hair is not ideal. But sometimes we can’t help but to go ahead with the wet hair.

But seriously, have you ever wondered your wet hair too can be styled to some stunning looks without spending much time in front of the mirror? Yes, you can create wonders with your wet hair and look super chic too. Just be careful while handling your wet tresses as they are prone to breakage.  Check out some of the stunning wet hairstyles.

Amazing Wet Hairstyles

Wet Braids

This is a simple yet gorgeous wet hairstyle which can be done quickly. Brush your wet hair and divide it into two sections. Make two fishtail braids on either side and secure the ends with elastic bands.

Wet Braids

Use transparent bands so that they don’t show up. Now bring one braid up and over your head and pin it up. Pull the other braid in opposite direction just behind the first braid and pin it up similarly. Tuck the ends under the braids.

Twisted Ponytail Bun

The twisted ponytail bun on wet hair is not all that tough as it looks. Start by brushing your wet hair and taking a deep center part till you reach the nape of your neck. Take out two thin sections from front on the left and right side and clip them above the ears.

Twisted Ponytail Bun

Now make two low ponytails with the right and left sections at the back. The two ponytails should be very close almost covering the parting line. Twist each ponytail till the end and wrap them into two buns side by side. Next, unclip the sections in the front and twist them till you reach the pony buns and wrap each section around the buns from opposite direction. Secure the ends.

Wet Chignon

One more interesting and creative wet hairstyle is a chignon hairstyle. Divide your wet hair into top and bottom section horizontally near the crown area. Clip the upper portion and divide the lower section vertically into two parts. Tie a loose knot with the two sections. Continue tying loose knots till you reach the end of the hair. It gives the look of chain links.

wet chignon

Wrap the chained link in circular motion and secure it with bobby pins. Now work on the upper section. Take out thin sections on the right and left side. Divide the main portion into two parts and create similar chain links with loose knots. Do the same thing with right and left sections. Secure all the chained links around the lower bun and with pins to complete the look.

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Side Fishtail Braid

Braids go well with any kind of hair, wet or dry, straight or curly. For a wet fishtail braid brush your hair and take a deep side part dividing the hair into two sections.

Side Fishtail Braid

Let the hair from the left minor section fall on your shoulder from the back. The hair from the right section is straight. Twist the two sections and create a fishtail braid with the two sections leaving a small piece of hair on the left and right sections at each crossover as you reach the end of the braid. Secure it with an elastic band.