Crop Haircuts For Women

Crop haircuts are undoubtedly the trendiest haircuts this summer. These haircuts can be sported by women of any age and can give both a flattering as well as a dramatic look according to the way it is styled. Though many women may feel crop haircuts to be too masculine or severe, these haircuts can enhance facial features to a great extent and exude confidence and smartness.

Crop haircuts may vary from giving off sleek and sharp looks to a sophisticated and toned down appearance. These haircuts are quick and easy to acquire and require low maintenance. Here are four different crop haircuts to sport this season.

 Stylish Crop Haircuts For Women

The Mohawk Crop

This crop cut is very smart and is meant for those who are not afraid to appear wild in their appearance. This haircut is best for those who have petite faces and slender necks as it enhances the beauty of the neck greatly. To achieve this Mohawk crop haircut, divide your hair into three sections such that the middle section is the most voluminous and equal sections of hair are left on either side.

Mohawk Crop

Now with a razor, only remove the side sections of your hair such that a thin sheet of hair remains on either side. The middle portion which has volume can be back combed or front combed towards the forehead to achieve a Mohawk. One may also colour the middle portion of their hair to dramatize the look further. Lastly, apply a good hair spray to add luster to the Mohawk.

The Pixie Haircut 

Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut is the most stylish haircut currently and has been flaunted by a number of celebrities all over the world. To achieve this easy and quick look, get a sleek boy cut done from a good salon. Make sure that hair on top of the head is lifted to get a small amount of height and minimal bangs across the forehead to make the look all the more feminine.

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The Unkempt Bangs 

This look is fun and messy and is perfect for those women who just wish to add some cheer to their lives. Get a sleek boy cut done but make sure to leave a generous amount of bangs strewn across the forehead to achieve a messy look.

unkempt bangs

These bangs can be side swept or they can be asymmetrical fringes according to the wearer’s desires. Complete the look by applying serum to add shine to your bangs and make them glossy. You can also blow dry your hair and flip it back to make it look all the more unkempt. Finger style your hair after doing so to achieve the desired look.

The Curled Crop 

The perfect look for those who wish to look like the cheeky school girl, this look is characterized by a crop of completely round curls covering the head. For those who have natural curls, maintaining the look is extremely necessary by getting routinely haircuts done to keep the length of the curls to a curled crop cut.

curled crop

For others, artificially curling their hair or perming it can be a good alternative to get the perfect curled crop. Lastly, add hairspray to your curls to make them look more glamorous and lustrous.