Cure For Hair Loss In Teens


Cure for hair lossHair loss in teens is an issue of great concern. The problem of hair loss not only affects old people but also affects teenagers. Teenage hair loss mainly occurs due to hormonal imbalance, improper hair care, lack of nutrition and stress.

With the help of focusing on proper diet plan and taking proper care of the hair, the problem of hair loss in teens can be treated to a major extent. Let us proceed ahead to discuss about effective cures for hair loss in teens.

Tips To Deal With Hair Loss In Teens

Effective Hair Loss Cures

The following tips would be of great help in dealing with hair loss in teens:

Maintaining Natural Moisture Level Of The Hair

It is a myth that washing the hair daily would help in keeping the hair in good health. In reality, the hair should be washed only twice in a week. Frequently washing the hair causes loss of natural oils from the hair, which eventually makes the hair dry and brittle.

Lack of moisture in the hair causes hair loss. Therefore, it is important to limit the frequency of hair washing if you really want to improve the elasticity and strength of your hair.

Stimulating Hair Follicles

Decreased blood circulation in the scalp is one of major causes of hair loss. Hair loss in teens can be dealt in an effective manner by way of improving blood circulation in the scalp which would in turn help in stimulating the hair follicles to produce more hair.

Cure for hair loss

Providing a warm oil massage to the scalp is the best way to increase flow of blood in the scalp, consequently providing stimulation to the hair follicles for producing more hair. The scalp massage process should proceed for around 10-15 minutes for best results. Regular scalp massage, prior to hair washing process, is considered to be one of the best hair loss cures.

Following A Healthy Diet Plan

Lack of nutrition may restrict the hair growth process. Malnourished body is one of the major factors responsible for hair loss. In order to speed up the hair growth process and reduce hair loss, it is essential to focus on healthy eating habits.

Healthy food products like green vegetables, soybean, fish, nuts, fruits and whole grains should be consumed in regular life to see an improvement in hair growth process.

Restricting The Use Of Hair Styling Equipments

Hair loss in teens can also occur due to excessive exposure of hair to heat generated from hot rollers, curling iron or blow dryer. The hair becomes dry and weak due to exposure of hair to heat.

Cure For Hair Loss

So, teenagers should try to avoid the use of such equipments on the hair, in order to maintain adequate health of the hair and to restrict hair fall.

Getting Rid Of Stress

Stress has a major harmful impact on overall health of an individual. Hair loss is one of the negative aspects of stress. Following relaxation techniques such as exercise, yoga and meditation can be of immense help in lowering down the stress level and restricting hair loss.