Cures For Falling & Breaking Hair


Cures for hair fallFalling and breakage of hair is not at all a fatal problem but these problems are regarded as one of the most important problems of the body because hair is our asset. A thick volume of beautiful hair makes us beautiful. We loose everyday 50-60 strands of hair everyday because it is natural.

The longevity of a hair is maximum 4-5 years. When the number of hair fall crosses the limit, it is regarded as the problem. The causes of hair breakagecan be many- ill health, deficiencies of minerals and vitamins, side effects of medicine, chemical reactions or allergies. Whatever the reasons may be the problem of hair falling and hair breakage should be treated early and with care. This article will give you few tips in this matter.

Cures For Falling & Breaking Hair

Oil Treatment

Both for falling and breakage of hair, oil treatment is necessary. Oils that are excellent for the health of the hair are coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc. Take a good amount of oil on your palm and massage it both on scalp and on hair till the last end of it.

Cures for hair fall

Oil massage on scalp will enhance blood circulation and scalp will get nourishment. Both nourishment and blood circulation will stop hair falling increasing the health of the hair. Hair breakage that means splitting of hair shaft will be stopped with regular oil massage.

Regular Trimming Of Hair

When you suffer excessive hair fall and hair breakage, keep your hair short. Trim your hair regularly to stop breakage. It is easier to handle short hair than the long one.

Hair Mask

A regular hair mask is necessary to stop hair fall and hair breakage. Breakage of hair sometimes occurs because of excessive dryness and for the lack of nourishment. Hair mask keeps your hydrated and supply nourishment to your hair. Yogurt is an ideal base for hair mask.

Cure Hair Breakage

Mix honey, egg, henna powder and hair oil in it to enhance its power. Mix everything and apply that on your hair. Keep it till dry. Then wash your hair with plain water or use shampoo to use it.

Restrict The Use Of The Chemicals

Stay away from the overuse of chemicals. Chemicals that are used in hair color, lacquer, styling gel, shampoo, hair spray, etc. products, are not good for the health of the hair. So restrict the use of them. Always use the mild shampoo that too of reputed brand for your hair. Do not compromise with the price.

Use Sun Guard

Harsh sunlight is bad for your hair. So whenever you go out in the sun use umbrella, hat or cap to cover your hair. Apply sunscreen both on your hair and skin at daytime to protect them from harsh sunlight. Too much exposure in hot sun without any protection is harmful for hair.

Healthy Diet

Eat healthy foods so that your hair gets enough nourishment. Fresh fruits and vegetables help to get rid of all types of hair problem. Fruits like Indian gooseberry, lemon, lime, walnut, almond, olive, apple,ect. are good for hair. Green vegetables like spinach, coriander, parsley, etc. are excellent for hair growth. Foods like flax seed oil, eggs, liver, etc. are necessary for healthy hair. Follow these tips and get a problem free hair.

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