Cures For Losing Hair

cures for hair loss Are you losing your hair? Are you worried about the health of your hair? Do you want to reduce hair fall and stimulate hair growth? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you have chosen the right place! This article will give you various tips to stop hair loss and encourage hair growth in a natural way.

Tips To Cure Hair Loss

Do not get tensed over your hair fall issue and follow the tips given hereunder to see an improvement in the hair growth process:

Massage, Massage And Massage!

The most important thing that you should do to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth is scalp massage. Regularly massaging the scalp with warm oil like jojoba oil, almond oil or olive oil would help in nourishing the scalp adequately and promoting the hair follicles for growth.

Cure for hair loss

You would soon notice a reduction in hair loss if you massage the scalp every alternate day. The process of massage should proceed for around five to ten minutes to improve blood circulation and promote hair growth.


The hydration level of the hair plays a vital role with respect to restricting hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Drink lot of water every day to improve the hydration level of the hair.

Cures For Hair Loss

Well hydrated hair are strong and healthy. Improved health and strength of the hair would help in restricting hair fall in a natural way.

Watch Your Diet

How can you ignore the diet aspect with respect to maintaining good health of the hair? You need to focus on the consumption of healthy food products, so that the hair attain all vital minerals and vitamins for proper growth. Green vegetables and fresh fruits should be compulsorily added to your regular diet.

Cures for hair loss

Also, you need to include fish, milk, yogurt, soybean and whole grains in your diet, as these food products contain essential nutrients for promoting hair growth. Hair loss would be gradually reduced by way of focusing on your diet plan.


You can also make use of herbal remedies to deal with hair loss issue. Male hair loss issue can be dealt in an effective manner with the help of intake of small amount of saw palmetto on daily basis. Excessive production of hormone DHT is the major cause of hair fall among men.

cures for hair

The intake of saw palmetto helps in reducing the production of DHT, thus reducing hair fall. Other herbs which would help in dealing with hair loss issue among both men and women consist of ginseng, aloe vera and nettle root. You should consume these herbs in a small quantity every day to restrict hair loss.

Hair Care

Apart from following the tips given above, you also need to take proper care of your hair. You should not comb the hair immediately after washing, as the hair are very weak when wet and tend to break easily. Also, the shampoo and conditioner that you use should suit your hair type.

Further, avoid the exposure of hair to heat from the sun or hair styling equipments like blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron. These hair care measures would definitely help in reducing hair loss and improving the health of the hair.