Cute Christmas Hairstyles For Teens

Christmas Hairstyle Christmas is a season for fun and celebrations. The never-ending line of parties during the holiday season is intertwined with the question of what to wear and how to your wear your hair.

For teens the goal is to look cute and simple yet festive and happening; so, how do you combine these aspects? The answer is to find a teen hairstyle that is cute and suitable for the season. Teens do not like to look too formal; hence, the key is to go for hairstyles that are informal yet sleek.

Christmas Hairstyles For Teens

The right hairdo is a combination of personal preference and taste. But here is a list of teen hairstyles for Christmas that combines the essence of the holiday spirit with your preference to look good during the holiday season.

Curls And Waves

If you are looking for fancy option then this is a great option. It is ideal for occasions such as church services that require you to look formal. This is a great option for teens with long hair. If you have short hair then do not be disheartened because you can add waves to your hair and create a perfect short hair wavy look.

waves and curls

To create the perfect curls, use a flat iron and run down the length of your hair to curl the hair strands one by one. The waves add bounce to the hair and add great texture and shine. End the hairstyling session by spraying a hair spritz that defines the curls.

Flower Hairstyles

The holiday season is about flowers and you can incorporate the flowers into your holiday hairstyle to give it an edgy look.

flower hairstyle

For a perfect flower hairstyle, all you need to do is to wear the hair down and tuck in a flower of your choice with a hairclip after gathering the hair on one side. Alternatively, you can make a soft low ponytail or bun and add a flower for an elegant makeover.

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Hairstyles With Ribbons

Apart from flowers, one thing that teens love is ribbons. So, this Christmas add ribbons to your hair and make it look cute. The perfect way to style the hair with ribbons is to spiral curl the ribbon around the hair.

ribbon hairstyle

Also, one can tie ribbons onto a hair band and use it on your hair. You can also curl ribbons and arrange it around the head.  Another great option is to let the hair cascade down and wear ribbons like headbands.


It is an all-time favorite teen hairstyle. Simple and neat, you can add a twist to your hairstyle and create cute holiday braids  for all day functions during Christmas. Braids keep the hair off your face and are easy to maintain.


So, if you are going for an outdoor event then gather the hair into a high ponytail and braid after parting the hair down. You can also arrange the loose hair into pigtails that can be braided together for a formal looking hairstyle. French braids are very popular among teens and one can accessorize them with rhinestones.


Another good option is to create a hair poof for an evening Christmas party. To create the poof, use the top layer of the hair and secure it with bobby pins. This adds extra volume.