Cute Haircuts For Medium Hair


Medium length hair is the most convenient hair length to style. This length falls just in between long hair and short hair and hence a variety of hairstyles can be incorporated in this hair length. You can style your medium length hair in innumerable ways to get an edgy rock star look or you can style it to get an elegant and graceful look as well.

However make sure that your hair is clean and well maintained and trimmed regularly if you wish your hairstyles to look good on you. Here are four cute medium length hairstyles you can sport this season.

Haircuts For Medium Hair

The Blunt Fringe 

The blunt fringed look is essentially a vintage look. It was popular in the retro era where sporting a blunt full fringe was considered to be extremely fashionable. The blunt fringe has now made a comeback both in the case of celebrities sporting it and even models flaunting this hairstyle on the catwalk. Getting this look is very easy and it looks adorable on all face cuts and face types.

blunt fringe

To achieve this look, get your medium length hair cut in any style or way you like. Now for the fringe, collect your hair together in the front and get a blunt fringe cut so it the entire fringe is of the same length and covers the entire forehead equally. Now get the fringe blow dried with the help of a dryer and then flat iron the fringe with the help of a heated straightener. Arrange the fringe in any manner you wish to arrange it in. Complete the look by applying a little bit of serum to the fringe to add shine to it.

The Wavy Layers 

The wavy layered look is a very elegant look which can be easily achieved in medium layers. This look is universal in nature and suits almost every face type and cut and the layers add volume and bounce to the hair. To get this look, get your medium length hair cut in layers by your hair stylist.

Wavy Layers

If you want volume then get your hair cut in short layers and if you want flow then get your hair cut in long overlapping layers. Now divide your hair into sections and then blow dry the hair with the help of a blow dryer and a round paddle brush, curling the hair outwards to get a wavy and bouncy look. Complete the look by applying a light hold hairspray.

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The Straight And Sharp Layers 

The straight and sharp layered look is for those who wish to go for a sharp and edgy look. To get this look your hair should be cut in sharp and distinct layers.

Straight layered hairstyle

Now flat iron the hair by dividing the hair into various sections with the help of a straightener so that the layers are distinct and edgy. Complete the look by applying a good serum to add shine to the layers.

The Asymmetrical Bob 

asymmetrical bob

The asymmetrical bob is a very modern hairstyle of medium length hair and consists of the hair being cut in the form of an asymmetrical bob. The bob may be tapering in nature or can be cut long on one side and short on the other. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray.