Cute Hairstyles For Thin Hair

tapered layers

Not everybody is privileged with a thick and lustrous bunch of hair. We often face problems keeping a hairstyle which is meant for thin hair, yet giving it a fuller look. Thin hair is genetic and there is very little one can do anything about it, but to pull it off in the best possible manner.

Waves and curls are still an added benefit for people with thin hair because they add texture and volume to the hair that will otherwise fall flat on the face. Today, nothing is impossible; making thin hair look trendier can be done in more than one ways.

All you need to know is the right hairstyle, right cut and the perfect color to add life to the hair and skin, making the looks young, fashionable and cute; all at the same time. Here are some popular and recommended hairstyles for thin hair that you can try for a fuller look.

Stylish Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Medium To Long Curls

This hairstyle is apt for females with squared face and short or medium length of thin hair. With a side part, curl your hair from the tips, leaving the lengths near your face, up to the cheek bones ideally.


The flat falling hair across the face makes it look thin and tall and the curls below add a huge volume to the hair. It is a stressful hair-do involving a lot of spraying if your hair is very soft but looks absolutely stunning.

Tapered Layers

This look has more layers around the face than rest of the lengths. There are thick layers near the face while the rest of the back is maintained as blunts with the feathered look towards the tips.

tapered layers

Blow-dry with heads down to induce the bounce and comb slightly maintaining a side or centre part to make the hair look fluffy. To maintain the look, switch between either sides of parting frequently to maintain the voluminous look.

Shaggy Pixie

Short hairstyles are always good for twofold reasons: a) Maintenance and b) to give a fuller look. This is a highly layered and textured look giving a lot of volume to the crown. Maintain a band at the front side to add to the drama and cuteness of the appearance.

shaggy pixie

However, if you have dark skin, bangs are not recommended as the shadow may make you look dull. This short hairstyle gives a fresh and young look suiting the heart shaped faces and look absolutely cuddly cute.

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Asymmetrical Shags

It is not a compulsion to ass layered to add volume to the hair always. You can try this blunt look with thin hair textured at the tips and an asymmetrical line of hair falling right on the forehead.

asymmetrical shags

The shattered edges give the look of textured shag making the hair look voluminous. Make sure you do not have a very thin face if you want this hairstyle, moreover this looks the best on straight hair, therefore very curly and wavy hair is not the correct type too carry this look.