Cute Medium Length Haircuts 2013 For Women

Earlier in the 1980’s it was either the short or the long hair that attracted attention in the world of haircuts. Though styling was attractive but it was common to see almost everybody with a very similar look. Hair cut midway between short and long that is up to the shoulder was seen later in the 80s after which it became very popular.

The perfect look of this cut lies mainly at its length which is right near a collarbone making the nape look very sensuous and attractive. Mid length hair can give you a look that can be stylish, trendy, professional and classy depending upon what you want. Here are some attractive and latest haircuts for medium hair.

Attractive Medium Length Haircuts 2013

Layered And Curly Hair Cut

Layered cut is a classic look that has been in fashion for a long time. The best part of this haircut is that it works for all textures of hair. Short in front and angled to the back, it covers up the sides of your face disguising the width.

 Curly Hairstyle

Initially this medium length haircut was trendy and sporty but later an evergreen and versatile look. Parted or not this haircut is perfect for a casual and professional look.

Mid Length Blunts With Fringes

mid length blunt with Fringes Style

Blunts were once ‘the’ haircut for all ages today however blunts is the look, but the cut being blunt is cheap. The tips for blunts are always in feature texture made from a razor to make it appear lighter than the upper section of hair. Shoulder length blunts give straight hair an amazing look and fringes add delicateness to the face making your age disappear.

Centre Parting With Layers

Hair kept short at front and maintained to shoulder length at the back adds volume and bounce. If your hair is thin and skimpy, this hair cut makes it look just the opposite.The centre parting makes the receding hairline from both the sides disappear and gives a full look. The short front locks look smart and stylish after a blow dry.

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Messy And Curly

This is also called the chopped hair cut maintained at the nose length at the front and up to shoulder at the back. The hair is cut unevenly adding texture at the tips.

Messy And Curly

If the hair is curly it gives this cut a messed up look which is very hot and happening. It can be carried with a centre or side parting, or no parting and shall look equally good all the time. Messed up look is meant for curly or wavy hair, on straight hair it looks flat and thin and is thus not advisable.

Long Bob Cut With Curls

Keeping the hair shorter at the back compared to the locks that fall closer to the face gives it a fuller appearance. If the cut is done perfectly, it adds swing to wavy and curly hair and thus make it look attractive and stylish.

Curly hair

The back kept just near the collarbone makes this hair cut look sexy and appealing. It is definitely a stand out look that suits maximum face shapes and age.