Cute Prom Updos For 2012

Prom Updos 2012 Prom night is a very special night in the life of every girl. Each and every girl wants to look the best in terms of beauty, dress and hair style. There is no doubt that hair style plays a very important role in enhancing the personality of the girls.

A girl with simple looks can really look gorgeous if her hair style is done properly and in a graceful manner. Every year, the trends in the hair style industry keep changing with new hair styles coming into limelight. In this article, we shall have a discussion of a few cute prom hair updos for 2012.

Easy Prom Hair Updos for 2012

Messy Hair Updo

A messy hair updo is always in trend and looks really great! Messy updo looks wonderful with a hint of curls or waves on the sides of the face.

Half Up And Half Down Prom Hairstyle

At times, women feel that tying all the hair up or wearing them all down can be too boring. In such a case, why not try going for a half up and half down prom hairstyle.

Prom hairstyle


Such a hair style really gives a sexy look, and also helps in featuring both the hair and the skin.

A Classic Bun

Going for a classic French bun is also common during prom. Such a hair style looks graceful and is great for women who do not want their hair to go messy at all!

Twisted Hair Updo

Prom updo


A twisted hair updo really goes well on a prom night. You just need to twist all your hair up and tie them properly with the help of pins, so that they don’t fall down. Take out some bangs at the sides to get a glamorous look. This is really a fun and carefree hair style which looks great on ladies going for a prom night.


Though a very simple hairstyle, yet ponytail is the best! Tying the hair in the form of a sleek ponytail, which is accompanied with the right kind of jewelry, is the best look that you can ever get.

It is not necessary for you to always wear the ponytail at the back. For a change, you can go for a side ponytail, tied quite high, which really looks gorgeous on the prom night, and looks different from the regularly made back ponytails.

You can go for any of the aforementioned hair styles, taking into account whether you want to go for a casual look or a formal look. The look of the above discussed hair styles can be augemented with the help of using various kinds of hair accessories.

Also, it is very important that the prom updo you select compliments well with your face cut and your hair type. Do not think that the prom hair style which looks good on your friend would look good on you too. If you are in doubt as to which kind of prom updo would look the best on you, it is strongly advised to seek export advice of the hair stylist.

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