Cute Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage girls while experiencing their teenage years have the tendency to experiment with their appearances and wardrobes. A major part of their changing appearances include the change in their hairstyles and the undying need to flaunt a new hairstyle every new season.

The hairstyles meant for teenage girls range from being cute to rock star edgy. These hairstyles are versatile and it very easy to shift from one hairstyle to the other. You can also make the hairstyle a bit edgier you can add a streak of colour to the hair like a bright red or a bold purple. Here are four cute teenage hairstyles for teenage girls to sport this season.

Attractive Hairstyles For Teenagers

The Ballerina Bun 

The ballerina bun is a formal hairstyle which looks adorable on teenage girls. This hairstyle is a neat and classy hairstyle and can be made into a more intricate up do when you add accessories to it. To get this look you take your hair, divide it into several sections and then using a wide toothed comb, comb gently to detangle the hair.

Ballerina Bun

After doing so flat iron the hair using a straightener to make the hair sleek and straight and then tie it into a long ponytail using an elastic band. After doing so, simply take the ponytail and swirl it neatly to make a ballerina bun. Clip up all the loose strands of hair by using bobby pins so that the bun looks neat and professional.

The Side Intricate Braid 

The side braid is a very creative hairstyle which can be flaunted by teenage girls. The side braid can be made by first detangling the hair using the wide toothed comb and then next by making a middle parting according to your wishes.

Side Intricate Braid

Take one side of the hair towards any one side of the parting and then divide it into three sections after which braid it by simply putting one section on top of the other in a systematic manner. Now secure the braid using an elastic band and leave the side braid free with the rest of the hair open and flowing. For a more intricate look you can make a bun and then accessorize it with beads and stones.

The Straight Curls 

The straight curls is undoubtedly the best look to flaunt among teenage girls. This hairstyle is simply beautiful and works with every type of face cut, be it oval or round or heart shaped. To get this look, first take your hair and flat iron the whole of your hair to get a sleek look so that uniformity is given to your hair.

Straight Curls

You can also blow dry your hair by dividing it into various sections if you want a more voluminous look. Now take a curling iron and curl the ends of the sections of the hair into curls to get the look of straight curls. After doing so apply a good strong hold hairspray to hold the curls together.

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The Side Swept Hair 

Side Swept Hair

The side swept hair is a lovely hairstyle and complements girls with wavy hair. Simply blow dry your hair and curl it slightly to get waves. Now take the whole of your hair and sweep it completely to one shoulder. Apply a little bit of serum to add shine to the look.