Deep Conditioning Process For Relaxed Hair

Deep Conditioning Process For Relaxed Hair If you have relaxed hair, then deep conditioning is an important and often a mandatory aspect of hair care. Relaxed hair is often damaged due to excessive use of chemicals and styling tools; and without deep conditioning the hair can only get worse. For best results of deep conditioning, one must follow the routine once a week.

Step-by-Step Process of Deep Conditioning

For the most effective results, one must know how to deep conditioning relaxed hair. Without a proper knowledge of the process, you will not be able to achieve great deep conditioning results.


This is practically the first step in this deep conditioning process. One must also determine the kind of products he/she will use for deep conditioning. The preference should be given to shampoos that are sulfate free. When shampooing, part the hair into sections and lather it well while massaging it into the scalp.

deep conditioning relaxed hair

This process also stops the hair from getting tangled. After you have massaged the shampoo into the hair, you can rinse it out thoroughly.


Next step is using a natural ingredient based conditioner onto the shampooed relaxed hair. But before doing so, detangle the hair. Also, one must understand this is a rinse out and not deep conditioner. Hence, use it and wash it off within a few minutes of application.

Blow Dry

After you have rinsed out the conditioner, use a heat cap or plastic cap to cover the rinsed hair.

deep hair conditioning

After you have covered the hair, run a dryer along the cap to let the hair absorb some heat and also dry the hair slightly.

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Deep Conditioning

After you have applied direct heat onto the hair, apply a rich moisturizing conditioner onto the dry hair. After the application, use a plastic cap again to wrap the conditioned hair and then retire to bed. Next morning, shampoo the hair and rinse out the deep conditioner. Overnight application helps the hair but is not necessary. The duration is determined by the product you use; hence, check the label for details.

There are deep conditioners that state that it should be rinsed out after 20 minutes; in cases such as these one must do as the instructions state. What is important is the use of plastic cap or wet facecloth that helps in the conditioner to penetrate and get absorbed by the hair. To rinse the conditioner, use warm water and cold water simultaneously. This helps in trapping the moisture inside the hair and closes the hair cuticles that prevent split end problems.

Alternative Deep Conditioning Process for Relaxed Hair

We all know that relaxed hair can be damaged and dry and in such cases excessive shampooing can dry the strands even further. Hence, one can also skip the shampooing step mentioned in the above process and go straight to deep conditioning. For this, one can simply run cold water onto the hair and work the conditioner like a shampoo. After application of conditioner, follow the routine of either keeping it for 20 minutes or overnight and rinse it off with warm and cold water.