Diet Plan For Healthy Hair

Diet Plan for Healthy Hair

Diet Plan for Healthy Hair Many people think that healthy and lustrous hair are mainly dependant on the cosmetic treatments they do. However, that is a myth and not completely true. Healthy hair is dependant on several other factors and the most significant of them is the food you eat every day.

To get the hair that you have dreamt of, it requires a lot more effort in the kitchen than you actually do in the bathroom. It is important to concentrate on the right nutrition to achieve thicker and lustrous hair. A few diet tips for scalp improvement and healthy hair are discussed below.

Diet Plan For Healthy Hair


The best food for a healthy hair is salmon. This is because it is enriched with omega-fatty-acids that help in enhancing the scalp health, which promotes faster hair growth and also keeps the scalp healthy. It also contains vitamin B12 and iron, which are quite essential for healthy looking tresses.

Salmon fish for hairs

A deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids leads to dryness in the scalp. Hence, this has to be included in the diet for achieving beautiful mane that you always desired.

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A nutritional element that is a must in your diet are nuts. Nuts greatly help in improving the health of the scalp. They possess zinc, which is a great element to prevent loss of hair.


Several nuts are available that can greatly promote hair growth and enhance the overall hair health. Some of the nuts are walnuts, Brazil nuts and almonds. These nuts should be included in your daily diet routine if you wish to have beautiful hair.


It is important to ramp up the production of collagen with the help of vitamin C to maintain hair health. Collagen is found around the strands of the hair and as we grow older, this collagen tends to breakdown, which makes the hair brittle. Hence, it becomes important to restore the collagen.

vitamin C Rich food

This can be achieved by eating foods rich in vitamin C. Food sources rich in collagen are red peppers, citrus fruits and strawberries. A daily dose of collagen of about 250 milligrams helps in boosting the production of collagen, which helps in achieving healthy hair.

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are known to be the best foods for the overall maintenance of the body. Especially those that contain a larger amount of vitamin C are required for healthy hair.

Vegetables and Fruits

This will not only maintain hair health, but also helps in enhancing the immune system. Vitamin C helps in promoting the blood circulation in the scalp, which is one of the most important things for achieving healthy and lustrous hair. Therefore, it is necessary to include loads of veggies and fruits in your every day diet.


Minerals are essential for promoting hair growth. Minerals like zinc and silica are the important ones for hair health. You need to take at least 500 milligrams of silica twice every day and about 30 milligrams of zinc one time a day to maintain healthy hair. Some of the food sources that are rich in silica are mango, cucumber, beans, asparagus, celery and green leaves.

Mineral rich food for hair

 Horsetail is an herb that contains silica in an organic form. The foods that are enriched with zinc are fresh oysters, pecans, eggs and pumpkin seeds. Ensure that you add enough of these minerals in your diet to get thick and healthy hair.