Different Styles Of Buzz Cuts For Men

Flattop and Fade Buzz Cut

Flattop and Fade Buzz Cut Along with hair care, hair styling and hair cuts are the two most important categories which you really need to look into. This is especially valid for people who are fashion conscious and believes in following the latest trends. However, there is a lot to know and be aware about before you choose the hair cut for yourself.

Also, the types of styles and cuts will differ for men from that of women. Consider your face shape, age as well as hair length while choosing the right type of hairstyles. This will help you break the monotony of your look and definitely make heads turn in your direction.

For men, there might not be such wide array of options as for women, but still they have a lot of choices to pick from. Buzz cuts is one of the most famous and the prevalent ones especially for men who likes their hair extra short.

This is yet again one of the top notch options for warm and humid months. Once you know that you want to pick from a type of buzz cut, check out this guide below that mentions all the different kinds of the same to help you in achieving your goals better-

Hairstyles Of Buzz Cuts For Men

Spiky on Top Buzz Cut

One of the different types of buzz cut that gives you a cool and youthful look is the one where you have spikes on the crown of the head. The buzz cut will be the usual but with long length of hair at the top which can then be given a good hold using a quality hair gel.

Spiky on Top Buzz Cut

To make it look more bold and urban, you can also leave behind some bangs. Use your creativity and imaginations on how the hair cut can be styled in unique ways, every time you step out of the house.

Flattop and Fade Buzz Cut

In this kind of buzz cut only a small amount of hair is left on the top giving it a fade look. There is hardly any hair on the sides and the back. Where the flattop is concerned, the side and the back hair length is same as the fade look but then the hair on top in a little longer and can be styled a little to make it stand up and catch attention.

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The Crew Look Buzz Cut

The sides and the back is shaved when we talk about the crew cut but the top is left with a slight layer of hair giving it a very military look.

The Crew Look Buzz Cut

It is actually one of the easiest hair cuts to maintain and one of the popular ones among the different types of buzz cuts.

High and Tight Buzz Cut

One of the most different kinds of buzz cut that you can consider is that known as high and tight. Yet again, like most of the other buzz cuts, the back and the sides are shaved off completely in this style.

Along with this a layer of hair is also shaved on the crown of the hair. This is again manageable and something that gives you a strong and hard persona. A lot of military men consider having this kind of buzz cut as well apart from the crew cut.