Different Tips For Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair Hair free from problems, full of volume and lustre, resilient, swingy and resistant to breakage all of it sounds like dream hair for every woman. It sounds easy and achievable, but the fact is that it takes a lot of effort in getting the perfect hair.

It is not always necessary to spend on time consuming lavish spas but a few things if taken care of can make your hair healthy.

There is not much you can do about your regular routine in life but there are easy care methods that can be included on daily basis to make your hair healthy.

Tips For Healthy Hair

Use Natural And Home Made Hair Products

There are various home-available things that can be used to make natural cosmetics for regular use on hair. It is advisable to apply natural chemical free products as opposed to detergent based market available products for long run hair care.


Shampoos, masks, conditioners and natural detangle methods should be used for soft, shiny and bouncy hair.

A Hair Friendly Diet

Fruits, juices, green and leafy vegetables, meat, egg, legumes are all healthy foods with high nutritional value. It reduces constipation and other stomach related problems which are a cause of dandruff, lustreless hair, hair prone to damage and breakage.

Proteins, vitamins, iron and fibre are necessary for long and healthy hair and therefore should be included in the diet plan.

Pamper With Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning your hair once a week with natural masks helps repair damages that are caused to the hair on a day to day basis. Exposure to rain and sun, pollution, dirt and dust leaves the scalp oily and hair greasy.

deep conditioning of hair

It is a good idea to rejuvenate your hair with masks made of oils, curd and honey with thorough shampooing.

Right Care For Wet Hair

Hair is a delicate party of our body and wet hair even more. It is important to towel dry hair and use wide toothed comb to detangle wet hair.

Or in best interest, do not comb wet hair. If styling wet or moist hair, make sure there is application of hydrating lotions generously. If you can, leave your hair to dry naturally instead of blow drying.

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Keep The Scalp Stimulated

Oil massages done twice a week and regular brushing of hair before pushing off to sleep helps to keep the scalp stimulated. It makes the roots grow stronger and is a natural healer and growth booster.

almond oil

Use almond, lavender, coconut, olive or castor oil as per the type and requirement of hair and massage warm oil to the scalp. It is an excellent natural moisturiser.

Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga, meditation, exercises keep the body fit and energised. It reduces stress which is a major cause for unfit and lifeless hair. Maintain a strict sleep routine to keep the mind fresh and the body away from problems.

Yoga helps to purify the blood and improves circulation of blood in the body thereby improving growth of hair too. It is necessary to maintain external cleanliness though regular shampooing to keep the scalp clean.