Different Types Of Braids

Braids have been a part of hairstyling since forever. From a neat and simple braid to the fanciest form of braids, the look is always classic and dynamic. There are thousands of ways you can use a braid to create different looks; all you should know is the right length to get the braids neat.

Scanty or voluminous, thick or thin braids can suit your hair type if made at the right spot. Here are some evergreen hair braiding styles that can be tried at home without much effort.

Different Types Of  Braided Hairstyles

The Classic French Braid

French braid has been in fashion since a long time. Though a tedious process but made up tidily this gives an elegant and rich look, definitely worth the effort.

french braid

Start from the centre front and taking little strands of hair gradually make inverse plaits to the back or side as desired. You can also accessorise with real flowers or beads for trendy look.

Jasmine Braids

Remember Aladdin’s girlfriend Jasmine from our comics! The delicate locks and long voluminous loose braids at the back give a very classy look. It looks best on voluminous, long hair that makes thick braid without any strands coming out midway from the braid. It can also be teamed with artificial colourful strands of hair, flowers or accessories to give a rich look.

Triple Knot Braid

Triple Knot Braid

Triple Knot Braids are easy, simple and stylish tuck to your hair which gives a very neat and college girl look. To make a Triple Knot Braid, divide your hair in 3 portions after taking it one side shoulder and make inverted braids with each section and seal each of it with a non-visible elastic band at the end. After you have 3 individual braids, plait them up into one and tie with any coloured rubber as desired.

Half Hair Braids

There are many popular half hair braids that can be made up using just the top hair leaving your hair loose at the back.

half hair Braids

Both inverted and straight plaits can be made in the shape or a headband, halo, waterfall braid or milkmaid braids. After braiding the front portion the back hairs can be left loose or tied up into buns to give it a party and formal look.

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Twin Pigtail

Twin pigtail is the traditional schoolgirl look. The hair is parted at the centre or side, or side at the front and centre parted at the back and each section is braided to make nice and tidy pig tails.

Twin Pigtail2

These can be French plaits or normal straight or inverted plaits and can be made on hair of any length, volume or texture to give a neat and tidy look.

Braids With Fringes

Messy Braided Look

Take one side of the front hair and make inverted braids sideways till the back and tuck neatly behind loose hair. Leave the rest of the hair lose with soft waves or curls. This look is very casual and makes hair look neat at the front with delicate side locks giving it a messy look. This look goes well with both western and traditional outfits.