Easy Hairstyles For Difficult Hair


Difficult hair refers to that kind of hair which may be excessively rough or curly and hence very troublesome to style. This kind of hair is found in every third person. One’s hair can be naturally curly and thick. However this is no reason to worry as with changing times, hairstyles have developed majorly to accommodate girls and women with difficult hair.

You can now accessorize your hair with various hair accessories as well such as colourful headbands and hair clips. The more daring ones can opt for colouring their hair too. Here are four easy hairstyles which women with difficult hair can sport.

Hairstyles For Difficult Hair

The Curly Voluminous Look 

The curly voluminous look is a very dramatic look. However when styled properly using the right techniques and the right products you can get the perfect look. To get this hairstyle, take your hair and first apply a little bit of hair mousse to it. Run your fingers through the hair and stroke the hair in a downwards motion so that the hair absorbs the mousse properly. You will see that the hair has become softer and more manageable. Also the hair gets a certain amount of shine when the mousse is applied to it.

curly hairstyle

Note do not overdo the application of mousse to the hair as it has the tendency to make the hair oily as well. Now take your hair and carefully detangle it using a wide toothed comb. You can now blow dry the hair to get smooth sections of hair with the help of a round paddle brush and then curl the ends using a curling iron to get the curly voluminous look. This look works well for those who have difficult hair as the perfectly set curls add bounce and movement to the hair. Complete the look by applying a strong hold hairspray to make the curls more long lasting. 

The High Ponytail 

The high ponytail is a very formal hairstyle and consists of the hair being tied up to a get a high and neat ponytail. This hairstyle can also be sported on casual occasions but this is more of a formal hairstyle compared to a casual one.

high ponytail

To get this look, detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb and then blow dry or straighten your hair in various sections to get a neat ponytail. You then backcomb your hair, hold it up and collect it in one hand to make a high ponytail. Secure the hair with the help of an elastic band and your high ponytail is complete. 

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The Boho Braids

boho braid

The Boho braids is a very chic look and it consists of the hair being braided to get boho braids. As your hair is difficult to handle, you can simply make a few braids in a front and leave the rest of the hair messy and open to get a very carefree and bold look. Secure the ends of the braids with the help of colourful beads. 

The Curly Crop 

curly crop

The curly crop consists of your hair being cut in the form of a crop and then curling the hair from the roots to get a curly crop. Complete the look by applying a strong hold hairspray to hold the curls together.