Easy Long Hair Care & Styles


Hair care for long hair It is not only difficult to grow the hair long, but it is also difficult to take proper care of the long hair. Long hair, no doubt, looks great and beautiful. Long hair can be styled in various ways and look quite elegant and graceful.

However, the most challenging aspect with respect to long hair, is maintaining the health, beauty and shine of the hair. Women with long hair need to be very careful with regard to their hair care activities, so that the hair do not get dry and rough. In order to get a polished and smooth look of your long hair, you need to follow the below given long hair care tips.


Long Hair Care Tips

A few important long hair care tips have been discussed as under:

Regular Hair Trimming

The problem of split ends is very common in case of long hair. Women with long hair should go for regular hair trimming, so that formation of split ends in the hair is prevented. The hair would not only look healthy, but would also look beautiful if they are trimmed from time to time.

Scalp Massage

Long hair care

Regular scalp massage with olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil or coconut oil would be of immense assistance in maintaining the health of the long locks. The hair and the scalp would remain well nourished and moisturized with the help of regular scalp massage. Your long hair would look quite healthy and beautiful, if you make it a point to nourish them regularly with oil.

Avoid Exposing The Hair To Heat

Most of the women make use of heat generating equipments like flat iron, blow dryer and curling iron to dry and style their hair. However, these equipments may have a harmful impact on the health of the long hair.

Therefore, it is advised to restrict the use of these equipments for hair styling or hair drying purposes. In case, you want to use these equipments, keep them at least one inch away from the hair. Also, make use of heat protecting spray on the hair before using these equipments, to prevent maximum damage.

Leave In conditioner

Application of leave in conditioner on long hair would make them look beautiful and smooth always.

Long Hair Styles

Long hair can be styled in numerous ways with a few discussed as follows:

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Layered Hair Style

Long hair

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This is the most demanding hair style among women with long hair. Layered hair style looks graceful and helps in defining the face cut in a very effective manner. Long layered hair style looks great on almost all face cuts.

Braided Hair Style

One of the simplest long hair style is braided hair style. The hair can either be tied in a simple braid or in a fashionable one i.e. French braid.


The easiest long hair style is ponytail. In this hair style, all the hair are gathered together and held together with the help of a ponytail holder. The ponytail can either be tied low or high and is a very common long hair style among teenage girls.