Easy Steps To Create Volume In Thin Hair

Create Volume In Thin Hair Maintaining flat, thinning hair can be an overwhelming and difficult task. What makes it extremely difficult, is the fact that with thinning hair it is  difficult to wear it differently. If you are frustrated with your thin hair then coax your strands by adding volume to it and making it appear fuller.

Steps To Create Volume In Thin Hair

Hair Products

One of the easiest ways to add volume is to use the correct shampoo, conditioner, and styling hair products. The market is filled with volumizing products that are formulated to prep up thin and lifeless hair. While shopping for hair products, always opt for volumizing hair mousses and gels that can help you achieve the best results within seconds.

Also, invest in a good hair thickening shampoo that has natural oils such as lavender and tea tree oil. These ingredients strengthen the hair roots and also keep the strands moisturized.

Lastly, do not overdo with the products. Use minimal products and light sprays rather than strong hold hair products that weigh down the hair.

Add Hair Texture

This is probably the easiest way to add volume to your hair. Check with your stylist and opt for layered hair cuts that easily add texture and volume to the hair making it look thicker instantly.

Add Hair Texture

If you are not sure of the layered look, then you can always try other alternate hair styles that offer a fuller look to your scalp.

Hair Extensions

If you want immediate affect without making any changes to your natural hair, then hair extensions can create volume. Adding hair weave can be a tedious task but once you see the result it could be worth it. Always consult with your stylist and discuss the pros and cons of the extension sewing and choose accordingly.

Body Waves or Perm

Long straight thin hair can look extremely lifeless. One can easily opt for body waves that are generally the process of creating hair waves through big hair rollers. But if you want long lasting affect, then perms is a better choice. Either way, these transform fine hair to thick lustrous curls.

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Curling Iron

Creating volume can be easily done if you have a curling iron in hand. If you do not have curling iron then you can use a flat iron and twist it at an angle to create curls.

Curling Iron

The curls created by either a flat or curling iron will help you add volume to your volume-less strands of hair.

Lift the Roots

Thin hair means that there is no volume in the roots. To counter this, one must create volume by simply lifting the hair from its roots with the paddle brush and blow dry with a hair dryer and hairspray at the same time.

Hair Color

This is again an easy way to offer volume to the thin hair. Lowlights and highlights offer a contrast that can add texture to your hair and make it look thicker and bouncy. But one should not opt for one general hair color as it makes the hair look limp and will not help you solve the thin hair problem.