Easy Steps To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker


Steps To Make Thin Hair Look ThickerMaintaining straight thin hair can look easy to manage but ask anyone who has stick straight and thin hair and they would say otherwise. Thinning hair can be the result of hair fall or can be genetic; either way it is very difficult to make such lifeless hair look fuller and thicker. Even if you cannot make such changes permanently, there are a few tips that will help you disguise thinning hair and give them a thicker look.

Steps To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

At Home Solutions

The market is filled with products such as voluminizing shampoos and conditioners, hair thickening serums that can instantly make your hair shaft look thicker and fuller. While using these products, combine it with a good blow out using a large round hair brush and blow dryer. When done correctly, this makes your hair temporarily look fuller within a short span of time.

Also, one can wet ones’ hair at night and apply hair volumnizing mousse and braid it before going to bed. This way you can get thicker looking hair in the morning.

Hair Cut

Ask your hair stylist and opt for a hair cut that makes your hair look bouncy and healthy. Check into the latest hair trends and go for cuts that do not look too flat and limp. Layered cuts are much better for thinning hair. Frequent trimming is also recommended as this helps you prevent split ends.


A person looses on an average 100 strands of hair on a daily basis while brushing; hence, avoid brushing too frequently.

make thin hair look fuller

People with hair to spare might not notice such a thing but when you have thinning hair 100 strands is also a great deal. Also, use wide toothed comb and round brushes that are not rough on your hair.

Hair Processing

The right hair color can make your hair look thicker. So, it is a good idea to color your thinning hair as it adds volume to your thinning hair. Also, hair color chemical temporarily puff up the hair too. But one must remember the thickness is an illusion created by the colors and is most visible and effective when you use highlights rather than using a single color. Highlights create visual contrast offering more dimension to the thin and lifeless strands of your hair.

One can also opt to perm or make curly waves instead of straight hair. Curls are quick and easy and can be easily achieved if you use hot rollers every morning. This adds endless amount of volume that will quickly resolve your problems of thinning hair.

Hair Extensions

One of the best solutions for thinning hair is to ask your stylist for hair extensions. Safe and secure, hair extensions can give you thick hair that can last for up to three months without any requirement of touch ups. Always check your extension options; the best alternative is of course sewn-in extensions that look natural and last longer that bonded hair extensions.

Vitamin Supplements

To make your thinning hair look thicker on a permanent basis, include vitamin B supplements in your daily diet. Vitamin B is rich in biotin and this will naturally boost hair growth – making your hair thicker and fuller in the long run.