Easy To Do Elegant Bridal Hairstyles

Easy To Do Elegant Bridal Hairstyles Every bride deserves to look amazing on her special day; but it takes more than a perfect looking dress to make them look like a princess. Sure, the dress and the make up is important but one must not overlook one of the most important aspects – that is, the wedding hairstyle.

With the rising wedding costs, many brides opt for easy-to-do hairstyles that can help save hundreds of dollars from their wedding bills.

Popular Bridal Hairstyles

Here is a list of hairstyles that are elegant yet easy to make.

Ballerina Bun

One of the popular hairstyles this is perfect for short stature brides who want to add an extra inch with their hairstyle. Not only does it add height but it also removes all the hair away from the face which allows one to focus on the wave instead of the banks or the curls on the side. Making it is easy and one must start by tying a ponytail on top of the head; in case you have short hair then clip hair extensions to make the ponytail.

Bridal Hairstyles

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Once the ponytail is made, spritz the hair with hairspray and back comb the loose hairs. Then softly wrap the pony around the pin it on the base. Finish with a spray and if one wants to add a little more zing to the look then accessorize it with a headband or hair clips.


In case you are having an outdoor wedding, then opting for soft braids is a great wedding hairdo. One can get this look by dampening the hair and blow dry the hair at the roots for extra volume. To braid the hair, pin the hair behind one ear and braid the hair over the shoulder. Back comb the hair and tie the end. Use a hairspray the end and hair accessories are a great addition that will make it look more beautiful.

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Side Twisted Chignon

Another popular style, the side bun is perfect for all kinds of gowns. Prep the hair with a fortifying serum and start by tying a ponytail on one side of the head. Then separate into two strands and start twisting it in opposite directions.

Bridal Haircuts

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Once this is done, combine the two strands and twist it together and pin the base into a soft bun. Finish it off with a hairspray and then add some flowers or a brooch that can complete the look.

Hair Half-Up Look

To keep it simple and yet fashionable, wearing the hair half up is a great option. Free flowing yet structured, this hairstyle works well with all types of hair lengths and texture. To get this look, all you need to do is to back comb the hair from the front and pin it up and keep the back ends loose and wavy. You can crimp the back hair to give it a wavy texture that looks good with veils.

Wavy Tresses

If you have wavy hair then keeping the natural texture is recommended. Soft curls are preferred by brides getting married and those wearing long veils. Opt for this look if you are wearing a headband or a tiara. If you do not have natural curls then one can use hot rollers to create large or soft curls in different sizes. In case you have no rollers then a curling iron can be useful to get soft curls and also to smoothen the tresses.

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