Easy To Maintain Dance Hairstyles For Teenagers

Dance Hairstyles For Teenagers

Dance Hairstyles For Teenagers Ask any teenager about their favorite time pass and one out of every two teen will say ‘dancing’. One of the trickiest aspects of dancing is to choose the correct hairstyle that does not disturb you and helps you keep your routine flawless.

To create a flawless dance hairstyle is not easy and requires one to understand a few aspects of hairstyle that can help you shortlist few of the most popular hairstyles for teens that are perfect for dancing routines.


Dance Hairstyle List

The key to a great dance hairstyle is sustainability. In short, the hairstyle needs to be such that, irrespective of the routine, the styles should not become disheveled. There are a number of dance competitions where the judges give negative points to dancers, if and when one notices that the hair disrupts the routine in any possible way. Hence, if you are serious about your dancing and wants to eliminate such chances of negative marking, then one must choose a perfect dance hairdo that will enhance your performance.

Loose Bun

A popular teen dance hairstyle option, a loose bun is elegant and also easy to wear. Suitable for hair texture of all kinds, one must remember to wash the hair a day in advance. If you wash it on the day of the performance, then the hair becomes difficult to clip but if you wash the hair in advance then the natural oils gives the hair strands additional texture.

loose bun hairstyle

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To create the perfect loose bun, one can create loose curls with a curling iron after sectioning the hair. Once the hair is curled, loosen it by brushing the hair with your fingers. Add some shine by rubbing some serum onto the hair. Next, part the hair and pull the strands back while securing into a low ponytail with an elastic band. Split the ponytail into sections and start winding the hair around the base and secure these ends with hair clips.

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Side Ponytail

This is a great option for dancers as it allows you to keep your forehead and face clean. To create the look, start by curling the hair around the head. Once the rollers are removes then spray some hair hold spray and let the hair remain for a few minutes. Next, use a fine toothed comb and create a side parting.

Side Ponytail

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Neatly pull back the hair and make a tight ponytail at one side of the neck. If you want to add some drama to the hairstyle, then one can curl the underside hair and secure the ends with a bobby pin.

Straight Ponytail

For dancers who have naturally straight hair, this can be an ideal option. Also, if the focus of the dance is the makeup and the ear accessories then this is a sleek and good dance hairstyle. Create this look by blow drying damp hair with a paddle brush and a blow dryer. Next, divide the hair into two sections and straighten these sections with a flat iron and hair serum. Once the hair has straightened, one can simply gather back the hair into a ponytail.

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