Easy-to-make School Hairstyles for Teenagers

school hairstyles Being is school is hectic and being a teenager is all about attending classes and get involved in different activities. Even when one is attending school, teens want to look cute and trendy during and after classes.

So, how do you manage that? The answer is through cute hairstyles that can be easily made and maintained. You might have less time and need to rush to you school, but if you can spend time on an easy hairstyles then you might be able to look trendy for your school.

Teen Hairstyles For School


One of the favorite teen hairstyle options is the front poof. To create the perfect front poof, separate the hair and stretch it back from the forehead. Hold this section above the forehead and start back brushing the hair to tease it into a poof.

poof hairstyles

Once you are happy with the poof, stop teasing the hair and lay it on top of the head, and secure the poof by clipping the hair in cross shape with bobby pins. Next, comb the rest of the hair and smoothen it by running hair gloss through the strands.


Though a bun is not a teen hairstyle option, it can be a great school hairstyle for teens with long straight hair. To create the perfect bun, comb back the hair into a tight ponytail at the back of the head.

bun hairstyle

Once you have secured the ponytail, twist the hair into a tight bun. While twisting, make sure that the hair is twisted properly, if not done properly, the bun can become undone easily. Secure the bun with clips or chopsticks and you are ready to go to school.

Messy Ponytail

Another favorite teen hairstyle is a messy ponytail. To make this, comb the hair with some anti-frizz cream to prevent it from becoming frizzy at the end. Gather your hair at the crown and tease it by combing it backwards.

ponytail for school girl

Once the hair is teased perfectly, gather the hair into a ponytail that is low. Next, pull the hair from the ponytail’s underside and wrap it around the ponytail’s base with an elastic band and a hair clip.

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A favorite teen hair accessory is the headband and one can also use it to create a perfect school hairstyle. Brush the hair smoothly and after applying hair gel slip the headband over the hair. Though wearing headbands is more a styling accessory, it can be change your hairstyle look and feel. For school, opt for neutral shaded headbands.


If you want a school hairstyle that is fast and easy then try the braided hairstyle. Braids can look good for hair that is long and straight and also on hair that is curly and medium length.


Curly hair can give your braids a messy look that can extremely fun and young. You have options to make soft braids or fishbone tail braids that are stylish and neat. Your option can be any but do not forget to secure the braids with cute hair clips and cute elastic bands.