Easy Tricks To Make Hair Healthy & Silky Again


Get Healthy and silky hairThe hair may get damaged due to several factors viz. stress, chemicals, weather, heat etc. It is essential to take proper care of the hair, so that the health and shine of the hair are maintained. There are various simple tips and tricks which can help to restore the shine and health of the hair. Here follows a discussion on the same.

Tips For Healthy Silky Hair

Prevent The Hair From Further Damage

First of all, you should protect your hair from getting damaged further by restricting the exposure of the hair to heat. Hair styling tools like curling iron, flat iron and blow dryer should not be brought in contact with the hair, as the heat generated from these tools damages the hair shaft, thus making the dry, rough and brittle. In case, you want to use any kind of hair styling tool, ensure to apply heat protecting spray on the hair prior to its use. This would minimize the extent of hair damage.

Further, you should restrict the application of chemical based hair products. Hair perming and hair coloring solutions contain harsh chemicals which are tremendously damaging for the health of the hair. So, such treatments should be avoided as far as possible. Hair brush with soft bristles should be chosen for brushing the hair.

Get healthy silky hair

Wide toothed comb should be preferred over fine toothed comb for getting rid of tangles. Timely hair trimming practice is a very important hair care activity to prevent the formation of split ends in the hair. All these hair care measures would help in preventing the hair from getting damaged further, and would assist in attaining strong and healthy hair.

Go For Regular Deep Conditioning Treatments

Deep conditioning the hair at least once in a week would be of immense assistance in obtaining shiny and silky hair. The health of the hair would be restored and the strength of the hair would be improved with the help of regular deep conditioning treatments. Mayonnaise works as a very effective deep conditioning mask for the hair.

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Another effective deep conditioning treatment for the hair is a pack made of honey and avocado pulp. The deep conditioning pack should be allowed to stay on the hair for around an hour before it is rinsed off with water. The shine and luster of the hair would be tremendously improved with the help of this remedy. You would soon attain silky, healthy and shiny hair with the aid of regular deep conditioning treatments.

Take Proper Care Of The Eating Habits

In order to attain shiny and healthy hair, you should eat healthy and nutritious foods like soybean, nuts, fruits, green vegetables, fish, yogurt and whole grains.

Get silky and healthy hair

The minerals and vitamins contained in these foods would help in providing adequate nutrition to the scalp, consequently helping to boost up the health and shine of the hair. Adequate nutrition is the best and most effective natural method to obtain healthy hair. Also, you would be able to see an improvement in the shine of your hair, with the aid of feeding the hair adequately.