Effective Natural Remedies For Healthy Shiny Hair


healthy shiny hairFrizzy hair is one among the major hair problems that women face today and as a result of this, women don’t get the healthy as well as shiny hair that they want. If you have straight hair, you will have a lesser degree of frizziness and if you have curly hair, then the degree of frizziness will be much more.

But don’t you worry anymore because there are many ways to get healthy shiny hair in a natural way. If you follow these natural remedies, your hair will be radiant, manageable and without any kind of frizziness.

Natural Remedies For Healthy Shiny Hair

Rinse With Carbonated Water

Yes, you heard it right! Soon after you wash hair, make the last rinse with carbonated water as it would help you get rid of frizz and get a smoother and glossy hair.

Make Use Of Leftover Beer


When you have many unused beer or left over beer after a party then you can use it to rinse your hair as it can make the frizzy hair smooth. You can also try this if you have curly or wavy hair as it helps you enhance the look of your curls.

Mayonnaise Acts As A Natural Conditioner

Take a cup of mayonnaise and 1/2 cup of avocado paste and mix well together. Apply this paste on your hair and massage slightly. Then wrap your head with a hot towel and keep it for about 20 minutes.


Then wash off with cold water. Do this once in a week to have a soft and manageable hair every week. If you apply this mix daily, you will get healthy shiny hair within a few days as both mayonnaise and avocado are rich in nourishing properties.

Trim Your Hair Ends Once In Three Weeks

Make sure you trim your hair every month in order to remove the split ends. These make the hair dry and frizzy, as well.

Comb With Your Fingers

After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner and then comb your hair using your fingers in a downward direction to remove the frizz from your hair.

combing hairs with fingers

This will help you remove the frizz from the hair and make it smooth and shiny. So, it is must to apply conditioner to your hair whenever you shampoo your hair.

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Use A Protein Mask

Try applying egg yolk or yogurt to your hair and wash it off after a few minutes to eliminate the dryness and frizz from your hair.

Drink Lots Of Water

You will face the problem of frizzy hair especially during summer when your body is deprived of water as you sweat a lot in the summer.

 Plenty of Water

Try to compensate this fluid loss by consuming 8 glasses of water, fruits with good water content like watermelon to replenish the water levels in your body.

Avoid Products With Alcohol

All those hair sprays, gels and serums you use might contain high amount of alcohol, which would make your hair dry. That is hwy it is wise to purchase the ones that do not contain any alcohol. So, make it a point to read the label of each product before buying.


Joyeeta Bose