Elegant Updo Wedding Hairstyles


A wedding is a time when two hearts, in perfect unison, unite in Holy Matrimony. With stars in their eyes, hopes and dreams in their soul, the bride and groom, eagerly look forward to this day. As part of the wedding plans, the bride desires to look her superb best, choosing little intricacies of the wedding, with the utmost care and joy.

As in the case of the Bridal attire, she also carefully decides on the hairdo that would complement her features and enhance her looks. When it comes to hairstyles, updos have an unbeatable timeless elegance and for ages have remained a favourite of most brides. Here in this article, let us look at a few ageless classics that have stood the test of time, along with a few modern versions.

Different Hairstyles For Bride


The term chignon, which originated from the French word “chignon du cou,” meaning nape of the neck, is a style considered vintage with a classy appeal.

Wedding hairstyle

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The chignon goes perfectly well with backless and strapless styles, revealing the grandeur and class of the style. The style is attained by rolling the hair in a knot secured with pins. They may be created as a tucked in or rolled style, encircling a tiara or decorated with pretty hair accents.

French Twist

An appropriate style for a formal event or weddings, the stylish and trendy French twist, suits every kind of face. With various modified versions, this style looks excellent when worked with long or medium length hair.

The French twist may be worn in a variety of ways with or without side bangs, or with wisps of hair framing the sides of the face, curls, spirals, twists, twirls, twines and coils, adding extra height, besides looking dazzling adorned with bejewelled hair accessories. There are also other intricate versions of the same style where hair is parted in multiple sections, secured with fabulous clips and pins. This style looks incredible worn with a tiara.

Ballet Bun

Ballet or ballerina Bun is another old simple updo, which requires long or shoulder length locks. For a sleek look, the hair is drawn to a ponytail, with hair wound at the back of the neck or head to form the shape of a bun. Occasionally created with short hair worked around a sock bun, one interesting thing about the ballet bun is that they keep everyone guessing the length of the hair.

Wedding Hairstyle

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A distinctive style of the ballerinas and some of the celebrities wearing the messy, tousled variants, the suave, sophisticated style is perfect to keep hair away from the face. As a bridal updo, they look impeccable and fabulous, worn with a tiara or wedding headpieces.

Top Knot

Another popular style on fashion shows is the top knots worn in a variety of styles. A perfectly polished do for Brides with heart shaped or oval faces they look quite stunning, worn in loose, messy or tight styles. The most striking feature of this style is that the higher the knot the better as it lends added height to the bride.

The style may be worn with separate sections of hair parted from a ponytail fashioned to form curls, rope braids, plaits, secured high on the crown with wisps of hair along the sides of the face. Various double knot updos are created, adorned with flowers and other attractive hair embellishments. This style, however, looks wonderful paired with a veil, tiara or headpiece.

Curly Updo

This awesome romantic style is effective created with long or medium length hair that are naturally wavy or curly. Although the effect may perhaps be produced on straight hair creating ringlets, with the use of curlers and iron rods, they look remarkable with natural curls or waves. This updo is worn with the hair brushed high back on the head, pinned to perfection with the rest of the hair cascading down in curls.

Wedding hairstyle

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Tiny ringlets may be left loose at the hairline for imparting an ethereal radiance and charm. The curly updo looks splendid worn with an off shoulder dress, as they highlight the delicate collar bones the sheer radiance on the brides face and the exquisite accessories. However, this do look best with side swept front bangs, adorned with veil, tiara or decorative embellished headpiece.

Curly Bun

Similar to the curly updo this style is worked on long or medium length curly tresses. Half of the hair is pulled back to create a half done knot with the remaining hair cascading down in ringlets and curls. To create this kind part of the hair is gathered high up the head, wound around once and pulled through, to form a knot. Insert the hair ends holding them with pins. This style goes well with a traditional as well as an informal beach or garden wedding and looks fabulous with a pretty headpiece or tiara.

Side Bun

Another fashionable and modish up do, which looks, alluring for everyday, informal or formal occasions, is the side bun. Brides who are not keen on the conventional styles may choose the fashionable retro style that is attractive. This do is created drawing the hair to one side and then the hair ends are coiled into a bun or rolled.

Wedding Updo

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For a more effective suave appeal, the hair is neatly combed, with the hair strands wound to form the shape of a bun. For a messier laid-back look, the hair ends are separated into individual strands for achieving a boho effect. A very simple technique that does not require a professional stylist, it looks better without a veil.

Edwardian Updoo

A trend belonging to the Edwardian era, this style is created by gathering hair at the back into a ponytail. The hair ends are then enfolded and pulled through to get a huge knot. The strands are then inserted into the knot fixed firmly with bejewelled hair accessories. A very simple style, it spells class worn with a veil and tiara.

Gibson Tuck

A Gibson tuck or roll, a trend belonging to the early Twentieth century, is currently popular among celebrities for its retro appeal. This style fashioned within a few minutes, with long or medium length hair, does not require expert hands to attain the beautiful look.

Wedding Updo

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For this simple do, the hair is pulled back to a ponytail, rolled and inserted on the pockets, created slightly above the ponytail, on either side. The tresses are then secured with fancy hair accents for a glam look. This style enhances the loveliness of the radiant bride and highlights the daintiness of the bridal jewellery.

Braided Updos

A number of celebrities sporting these styles now days, braided updos are a great choice for formal and casual events. A great choice for brides they have an exquisite finish that is totally unmatched by any other style. The braids, ranging from the subtle to most dramatic styles, add a feminine touch with an ability to alter a daytime look to a glam night event.

With these basic styles, one can produce a number of variants from the princess to the French braid styles folded to form a bun. Although these types of styles require long hair, brides with short hair may opt for braids in front, which would look impressive.