Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Sleek Hairs

Wedding Hairstyles For Sleek Hairs

Wedding Hairstyles For Sleek Hairs A wedding day is something when people plan everything to make it a memorable day. In any wedding ceremony, the center of attraction is the bride. Being a bride you need to take care of your looks and hairs as we all know hairstyles can create big difference when it comes to your wedding. Sometimes you may get confused about different hairstyles. For straight hairs, you need to choose best hairstyle which will make you look good and will stay longer.

Sometimes people may think that there are not many options of hairstyles with sleek hairs. But, you have got various hairstyle options if you are having sleek and straight hairs. But, ensure that your hairs are in good condition.

Before making any hairstyle you are required to follow few tips so that you could get nourished hairs. Firstly, wash your hairs with shampoo and conditioner. You can use serum also. Before styling, use comb to detangle hair knots. You have got various styling options with sleek hairs. You can try out any of the given hairstyle on your wedding day.

Sleek Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

French rolls

These days’ French rolls are in very much fashion. If you are in need of classic and elegant look then you must go with this hairstyle. For making French rolls, you need have a hairspray and few pins. You just have to brush all hairs to one side of your neck and use pins to hold it. Then apply hairspray. Grasp the hairs with your fingers and make a twist. Then use pins to hold it tightly. Again use hairspray so hold the twisted bun together. To add more interest, you can leave some of your hairs loose from one side and curl it.

Chignon bun

Besides French rolls, chignon bun will also add great and stunning style to your bridal look. Chignon bun looks good with long hair. But, girls with short hairs need not to upset as you can also go for this look by using hair snood or other hair accessories. In this hairstyle, you just have to divide your entire hairs in to two sections like top and bottom.

wedding hairstyles for sleek hair

First deal with hairs on the bottom section, apply hairspray and hold it in a ponytail position. Now, grasp the hairs and make twist and pin hairs in to chignon. Do the same with rest of top section hairs and then give a finishing touch with hairspray.

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Loose hairs

If you do not want to make any of these buns then make your hairs loose and open for sleek and glamorous looks. Use hair pressing rods to keep it more straight and sleek. After finishing, use some hair gel for glossy look.


Bump hairstyles are one of the famous hairstyle for wedding purpose. Bump hairstyles suits with classier events such as wedding. You can try making bumps with bun and ponytails. Half up or half down bumps also create a great impact. But always remember that the most important thing is that your hairstyle must match with your wedding dress. Even, your accessories must complement your wedding hairstyle.