Eleven Simple Long Hair Care Tips


Simple Long Hair Care TipsLong hair is beautiful. It makes you look sexy. Long hair adds some extra appeal to your personality. But managing your long hair is little bit tough. You need some extra time and extra energy to keep your long hair beautiful because long hair is prone to damage, breakage and split ends. This article will give you a few long hair care tips.

Easy Long Hair Care Tips

Wash Your Hair Everyday

First of all there is a general tendency that people with long hair do not wash their hair regularly. They wash their hair once or twice in a week. But this is not right. Wash your hair properly everyday. Use shampoo on your hair every alternate day. Be careful about choosing the right type of shampoo for your hair.

After washing your hair, make your hair completely dry. Take a soft towel and soak excess water from your hair. Wrap your index and middle fingers with the towel and rub your scalp gently to make it dry. Accumulation of water at the root of the hair may make the hair root loose.

Handle Wet Hair With Care

Do not wrap your wet hair with towel because hair becomes soft when it is wet and the wrapping, squeezing or other rough handling of hair may damage or break hair strands. Do not comb or brush wet hair because the root of the hair remains loose when it is wet. When your long hair is partly dried, take a wide teethed comb and comb gently. Start combing your hair from the end and gradually reach the root. Wide teethed wood comb is best for long hair.

Brush Or Comb Your Hair Regularly To Keep It Tangle Free

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Brush or comb your long hair at least twice daily to keep it tangle free because long hairs are prone to tangles. Tangles make your hair ugly and they damage the natural health of the hair. Moreover, regular brushing or combing enhances the blood circulation of the scalp and makes your hair healthy.

Keep Dandruff Away From Long Hair

If you keep your long hair dirty, it becomes affected by the dandruff easily. Dandruff is one of the main reasons of hair loss and graying of hair. So cure dandruff as quickly as possible from your long hair.

Do not Tie Wet Hair

Dry your hair naturally as long as possible. But if you need, do not hesitate to use drier to make your hair dry. Do not tie or make bun of wet hair because the hair root becomes week in this way.

Trim Your Hair Regularly To Avoid Split Ends

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Trim your long hair at least once in a month because long hair is prone to split ends as the nutrition and care do not always reach at the end of the hair.

Be Wise While Choosing Hair Accessories Of Long Hair

Be wise while choosing your hair accessories. Elastic bands or clutcher made of hard plastic may tear your hair strands. Handle your long hair with much care.

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Protect Your Long Hair From Sunshine

Protect your hair from harsh sunshine. Apply sunscreen hair solution before going to sun. Use umbrella to protect your hair from sun. Too much sun exposure may make your hair rough.

Weekly Oil Massage

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Weekly oil massage is necessary for the nutrition of the hair. Take some oil in a container. Make the oil slightly hot and massage the warm oil on your hair and scalp with the help of your fingers. Your long hair needs some extra nutrition in comparison to short hair.

Weekly Hair Mask

A weekly hair mask is necessary for the nutrition of the hair. To make it you need some yogurt, an egg, 2-3 tablespoons henna powder, 1 tablespoon amla powder and liquor of tea. Mix everything into smooth paste. Apply it on your hair. Be sure that every strand of your hair gets the coat of the mask from top to bottom properly. Wait to make it dry. Then wash with plain water. Regular using of this mask not only supplies nutrition to your hair, it also enlivens your long hair by adding volume to it.

Protect Your Hair From Perspiration and Chlorine Water

When you exercise, your hair perspires too like your body. Wash your hair with plain water to remove it because perspiration is toxic and damages your hair. Wear shower cap while swimming in pool to protect your hair from chlorine water of the pool.

Practice these tips and enjoy a long and beautiful hair. If you can not take proper care of hair, do not keep it long because mismanaged, rough and fizzy long hair is harsh for others’ eyes. Taking care of long hair is not impossible. You need some initiative and eagerness to keep it nice and charming.