Emma Stone Hairstyle

This hairstyle of Emma Stone is smooth and slick. A jagged cut is given to the hair through the ends for having a funky edge. The long bangs are swept sideways.

An asymmetrical frame is created by the bangs at the front side of the face. This hairstyle is suitable for women who have a diamond, square, oblong and oval-shaped face. If you have long and straight hair, you must try out this hairstyle.

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Styling Steps

1. Take some straightening balm on your palms. Rub your palms together and apply the balm on your damp hair. Distribute it evenly throughout your hair.

2. You must use a large radial brush for your long and straight hair. Use a brush with pure bristles as it will not damage or tear your hair.

3. Blow-dry your hair from the back. Take some section of your hair from the back. Keep your head under the roots and hold them tight. Hold your blow-dryer above your brush and move it till the ends.

4. Blow-dry your hair from the sides. Take a small portion of your hair and place your brush under the roots. Start blow-drying till the ends. Continue this process till the portion is completely dry.

5. Blow-dry your hair under to the left. Take some portion of your hair which should be less than the width of the brush. Keep the brush under the roots and start blow-drying. Pull your hair to the left side while blow-drying. Continue the process till your hair are completely dry.

6. Repeat the same procedure mentioned in Step No. 5 to blow-dry your hair under to the right side.

7. Blow-dry the bangs to one side. Keep the bangs out and clip the remaining hair. Keep your brush under the bangs. Set the blow-dryer at the lowest setting. Start blow-drying from the roots and continue till the ends. Make sure to maintain a consistent tension throughout blow-drying the hair. Repeat the process till your hair are completely dry.

8. You should use a straightening iron only on dry hair. Separate some portion of your hair from the back and comb it properly. Use a straightening iron to straighten the hair from your roots till the ends. Do not leave the straightening iron at one place for more than a couple of seconds.

9. Take some amount of smoothing shine on your palms. Spread it evenly from the mid-lengths of your hair to the ends. You must ensure that you do not add any smoothing shine to the roots of your hair. Otherwise, your hair will look very oily and they will weigh down because smoothing shine is heavy in nature.

10. Give a finishing touch to your hairstyle by using some hairspray. Spray it on the entire hairstyle from distance of an arms length. If you use a lot of hairspray, it will leave a white residue that looks like dandruff. Therefore, use a minimal quantity of hairspray just to give a polished look to your hairstyle.

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