Fabulous Short Wedge haircuts

Short hair is undoubtedly the easily manageable hair. A lot of stylish and amazing hairstyles can be accomplished for this hair length. Among them wedge hair cut stands out as a unique style. Short wedge is sometimes referred to as inverted bob, asymmetrical bob, stacked bob or tapered cut. It might look like a  bob, but the angular cuts make it a unique and edgy hairstyle.

Wedge haircut is one of the versatile haircuts too as it compliments most of the face shapes and hair types. It is preferred by most of the older women as it gives them a younger look. This haircut has a tapered back. The shortest hair is at the nape of the neck and the longest hair is the outermost layer which is flipped outwards. Wedge haircut is full of volume and many of the short wedges even have straight or side-swept bangs. If you are planning to get a makeover with your short hair, then do consider your favorite wedge haircut among the ones listed here.

Amazing Wedge Haircuts For Your Short Hair

Classic Wedge

classic wedge haircut

Classic wedge resembles a bob in many ways but not entirely. It looks good on most women including the women over 50. It looks classy and professional. The hair is cut short at the back and longer layers at the top and sides of the head. Then the hair is layered to add volume at the top and sides. Hair spray is used to hold the styling in place.

Curly Wedge Haircut

If your short hair is curly, a wedge haircut can be a unique way to play with your curls. Yes, you might have to dedicate a little more time in styling and maintaining this curly wedge on a daily basis, but it is worth your effort.

Curly wedge

It is easy to create volume or fullness with curly hair by cutting the hair in layers at the back and top of the head. The length of the hair is generally short at the back, has an angled line and is longer in the front and sides.

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Angled Wedge Haircut

Angled wedge is one of the stylish and edgy hairstyles which gives a more appealing and chic look. In angled wedge haircut, hair at the nape of the neck and at the back of the head is cut to very short lengths.

Angled wedge haircut

You can also try the diagonal wedge where the hair is very short at the back and significantly longer at the front side of the head. This creates a sharp diagonal line when viewed from the sides. A slope is created downwards towards the shoulders.

Layered Wedge Haircut

Layered wedge haircut is another variation of the wedge hairstyle. Here the layers are somewhat distinctly visible and clearly defined.

Layered wedge haircut

Using the razor the hair is cut into layers to add volume and dimensions to the hair at the back and top of the head. The hair at the nape of the neck is of course cut to very short length as this is a significant feature of a wedge haircut. The layers cal also be highlighted for a more fashionable look.