Face Shapes And Hair Cuts

We all are blessed with different face shapes and distinct features like prominent cheekbones, a defined jaw line, impressive eyes, forehead of varying widths etc. Though you have a great personality with a charming face and good hair, a bad choice of hairstyle can ruin the complete look of your personality. At the same time a suitable haircut which matches your face shape can enhance your beauty and add to the style quotient.

Since your face shape is the starting point to find a flattering hairstyle, it is important to determine your face shape first. Women generally have one of the basic face shapes of round, oval, square, oblong, diamond, triangular or heart shaped faces. When you have determined the shape of your face, you can choose the haircut which will balance out your face by highlighting your prominent features and covering your flaws. Read further to know more about the haircuts for different face shapes.

Different Face Shapes And Haircuts

Hair Cuts For Round Faces

You should always choose the haircuts which have asymmetrical and angled cuts for long and short hair. Adding a side part and long side swept makes the round face look slimmer. If center part is what you like keep the length of the hair below the shoulders and let the layers touch the jaw line.

Hair Cuts For Round Faces

Never pull your hair into a tight ponytail which can make the roundness of your face more prominent. If you want to wear a ponytail go for a sleeker one rather than a fluffy and bouncy one which adds more volume to your face. And keep level of the ponytail above your ears. For very short hair, choose haircuts that add height to your face.

Hair Cuts For Oval Faces

Oval face tends to look long. While most of the haircuts suit an oval face, you should still be careful in choosing the haircuts which create an illusion of width and not further lengthen your face. One of the easy ways to add width and volume is by taking center part and adding some soft waves which run down the shoulders.

oval faces

The fringes which run up to the brow line can actually break up the length of your face. If your hair is very short, a grown out pixie with length near the temples can balance the shape of your face from chin to forehead.

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Hair Cuts for Square Faces

A defined jaw line is strongest feature in a square face. The haircuts you choose must soften the jaw line. Avoid a sharp, blunt bob which ends right at your chin.

Hair Cuts for Square Faces

Instead opt for an angled cut, with long pieces in the front that gradually get shorter towards the back. This long bob can elongate the face. If you have a long hair, the side part can help to round out a square face. Or side swept bangs can create angular lines taking attention off your jaw line.

Hair Cuts For Heart Shaped Faces

Hair Cuts For Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shaped faces are wide at the brow and thin at the chin which gives accentuated cheekbones. A grown out bob is a perfect haircut for a heart shaped face where the layers curl in just above the shoulders adding volume to the chin area. For long hair, you can balance out the face with long side swept bangs which are flattering and show off your amazing cheekbones.