Facts About Crash Dieting And Hair Loss

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Facts About Crash Dieting And Hair Loss A lot of people are very eager to lose weight and for this, crash dieting seems to be the best way. All that they have to do is simply start avoiding food and not eat and drink water, perhaps even avoid water because it may add some ‘water weight‘. But what they do not know is that crash dieting is the worst kind of thing that you can do to your hair and skin.

Crash dieting leads to a lot of side effects, which are often not temporary. It means that getting back that lustrous mane would simply not be possible. Other side effects here include premature greying, loss of shine and even hair getting worse in texture. Here are some common facts on how crash dieting affects your hair.

Facts About Crash Dieting And Hair Loss

Nutritional Imbalance

Like your skin, hair too needs food internally. So it simply means that not getting foods that are rich in iron, vitamins or simply said a balanced meal, creates havoc.  Hair follicles seek nutrition from the scalp and if you are crash dieting and avoiding a healthy balance of foods, then the follicles tend to wither and stop functioning. This in turn slows down rate of hair growth and leads to hair loss too.


Dry Hair

What happens here is that lack of food means lack of moisture for the hair. Certain essential fats like Omega 3 fatty acids are foods that the hair needs along with zinc, potassium and other minerals. When you are crash dieting, the body is deprived of all of these foods. As a result, the moisture and luster goes, hair becomes more prone to breakage and you simply lose hair.

Delay In Regrowth

It has also been seen that those who crash diet tend to create an imbalance in the process of hair growth, which simply means that hair will now grow back at a much slower pace. Since the follicles are damaged, the process of healing too gets slower. As a result the pace at which the hair grows and the follicles repair themselves get affected, leading to delay in regeneration and growth of new hair.

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Again, not getting enough fruits and veggies along with carbs means that the hair is not getting apt nutrition. The scalp becomes dry internally, which you can feel eventually because no conditioner is going to make it soft and supple. Dandruff is the result of this dryness and imbalance of nutrients in the body and eventually leads to hair loss.

Imbalance Of Hormones

Hair Loss due to Imbalance Of Hormones

Hormones also go for a toss because they are suddenly deprived of essential foods. This also means that insulin along with cortisol levels fluctuate rather drastically. And if you are taking weight loss pills, it is the worst thing you can do to your hair. The imbalance of hormones leads to rapid and drastic hair loss.

So the next time you are planning on crash dieting, think about it and opt for healthy balanced meals, which will help your hair and skin stay beautiful and and glowing.


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