Fashionable Choppy Haircuts For Women

Choppy hairstyles are one of the trendiest hairstyles, currently in fashion today. These hairstyles give the wearer a new look and suit mostly all women regardless of how old they are, which background they come from, and their face shape and cut.

A good hairstyle is necessary as it can make one look attractive, smart, unique, updated, young and professional. A choppy hairstyle is easy to handle and looks amazing too. You can choose a choppy style according to the look you wish to sport – edgy or formal. Here are 4 fashionable choppy hairstyles to flaunt this season.

Choppy Haircuts For Women 

Pixie Cut 

The pixie cut is a famous hairstyle sported by women who wish to sport choppy haircuts. This look is easy to maintain and gives off a spunky look. In this cut, the hair near the head is cut and angled to outline the face frame.

Pixie Haircut

This hairstyle hence, draws attention towards the wearer’s face and enhances her eyes giving the women an elegant but at the same time an edgy look. The pixie cut is very much like a boy cut but is characterized by sharp fringes. You can also style your cut further by applying hair wax or hair gel.

Choppy Bob 

This style is a very popular style among women lately and can be diversified to give varied and different looks. In this style, the hair is cut in short layers till the chin or the ears.

Choppy Bob

Some layers can also be added as it looks great by outlining the frame of the face. The choppy bob is a contemporary twist on the classic bob and looks modern and trendy. The bob, however, needs trimming and regular maintenance from time to time. Apply serum to the hair to add some extra shine to the look.

Front Angled Chop 

The front angled chop is similar to the pixie cut. To achieve this look, get a boy cut done from your nearby salon. The hairstyle consists of a deep razor cut towards the nape of the neck and a thick volume of hair in the crown of the head.

Front Angled Chop

Now back comb your hair and then front comb it to give it a lift such that it is angled towards the forehead and makes a V shape on it. Apply some serum to add some shine to it. One can also add some highlights to the front hair to make the look all the more stylish.

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Deeply Parted Bob

The deeply parted bob is simply a classic bob which ends towards the jaw line and can be made to look messy yet formal. The deep parting is a wide side parting which falls over one of the eyes making the forehead look smaller. This bob suits those who have straight hair though one can even curl the hair, to get a playful look.

Deeply Parted Bob

The parting or the side fringes are however flat ironed as it should look neat. To get this look, apply a little bit of serum to your hair and make a wide side parting. The side bangs along the parting is flat ironed and one can also pin it up to one side to make the look formal.