Fashionable Short Hairstyles For Older Women

A perfect hairstyle is the biggest apparel to complete your look. Even though you are aging, it doesn’t mean you should sacrifice a great hair-do. Age is not the barrier to your beauty. Though lots of hairstyles are in fashion today, the most trendiest and sophisticated haircut that suits every matured women is an elegant short hairstyle. The added advantage is that you can style them in various ways and also it is low maintenance.

As women grow older, hair becomes dry, thin and less manageable. The perfect solution is a simple short haircut that would add volume to your hair and make you look young and smart. If you are considering about cutting your hair shorter, the following hairstyles might help you to choose the type that suits your facial structure, personality and lifestyle.

Best Short Hairstyles For Older Women

Bob Cut

A stylish bob cut is preferred widely by older women. It adds vitality, youthfulness and gives you a feminine look. You can shorten the hair between your ears, up to your chin or above the shoulder. The variation of the length depends on your facial shape. A soft bob is the type that remains up to the chin. You can add some side-swept bangs that allow a graceful appearance.

Classic Bob

You can go for a graduated bob cut if you want some length at the front and cut short at the back. A sleek straight bob looks awesome on almost every shaped face. You can add more bangs in front or side bangs to it. It works perfectly for a thin shaped face. In order to set various forms of bob cut style, use a good conditioner, serum and blow dry it. Use a round brush to comb your hair.

Simple Boy Cut

A short and simple boy cut is just the one if you are searching for a little hair maintenance cut, which you can style within no time. This is a very short cut above your ears, which gives a chunkier and edgier view. Your lips and eyes get the full attention in this cut.

simple boy cut

A long layered boy cut looks trendy on women with round shaped face while short layers look pretty on thin faces. You can also try boy cut with soft side bangs or bangs in the front. You can add some good highlights to your hair to design them. Wear bright make up for eyes and apply a dark lip colour with this cut for an evening party. Buy a good serum and use a small round brush to set your hair.

Cool Pixie Style

For all the active women over 40 out there, go for this youthful, vibrant and fresh pixie hairstyle. It is a cut which is somewhat longer then boy cut. It generally remains between the ears.

cool pixie style

A pixie cut with front bangs is perfect for an oblong shaped face woman. If you have thin hairs, try out the spiky pixie cut as it adds volume to your hair. Use a good shampoo and conditioner to maintain the form. Use a round vented hair brush for combing.

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Shag Cut

This is another chic cut for matured women. It is a cut above the shoulders. This vibrant cut showcases your best facial features.

shag cut for older women

You can vary the length depending on your face structure. Likewise shoulder length shag cut with soft bangs in the front goes perfectly for oval shaped faces. Use a blow-dryer and round brush to set the style.

Designing Short Hairstyles With Bangs And Layers

Never be in the myth that bangs and layers are youngsters’ hair property. Infact, they are an additional stylish choice to smoothen your unpleasant facial features. Consult your hair stylish what form of bangs would suit your facial structure. Long length bangs looks perfect on long faces and short bangs goes very well with round faces. Under layers and long layers also flatters your face.

Gone are the days when you had to stick to some old grandmotherly hair-dos. Finalize a hair style from above that makes you glad, feel confident by looking at the mirror and leave people staring at your lively and radiant hairstyle.