Fishbone Braiding Styles

fishbone hairstyle A fish bone braid speaks volumes and looks classy. If you think you’ve mastered all the fishbone braids already, hold your horses. There are many classy fish bone braids are in the queue to be learnt.

Different people call it with different names such as Fish bone braids, Fish tail braids or Berringbone, they ooze the same amount of appeal whatsoever. The most important thing is Fishbone braids are very easy to make and wear.

We suggest you add funky hair accessories with your fish bone braid and you will be in for a great look. You can sport this hairstyle easily to parties, summer outings, country hopping, club hopping and many similar places. In the same vein I will say Fish bone braids look sexy with chick dresses.

Properties Of Fish Bone Braid

Making fishbone has many ways and these have a deconstructing pattern, if not always messy. Make your own interpretation of hair styles and master those practising before the mirror.

You have to take thin strands of your hair and make fish tails, the more thinly the strands, the neater it looks. No matter your hair type, beautiful, curly, straight, thick or thin, fish tail braids boil down well with all kinds of hair textures.

For curly hair you may need to straighten your hair a bit for a neater look. People with thick hair, should go for three fish tail braids to tuck them up to a cute little bun. When you get used to holding the hair strands properly, you get the hang of the entire hairstyle.

What All You’ll Need For Fishtail Braids

One Wide toothed comb, a band to hold the pony, a hair brush. To start with, brush your hair nicely to avoid tangles. You need really smooth hair for such braids. For a next step, brush the hair up to a ponytail. Preserve all the hair and divide into two sections.

Take a thin strand from the right side and bring it over to the left side. Then take a small strand from the left side and bring it above the left side. Keep doing it until all the hair is perfectly braided.

Best Fishbone Braiding Styles

Inside-out Fishtail Braids

Inside-out Fishtail Braids

Though Bohemian looks are a no-go with traditional, with casuals they are a spot-on!. This inside out fishtail is a very famous one among teenagers and cute also. This is also called ‘dutch’ fishtail braids. The fish tail settles over the hair not underneath and takes a sharp turn to be tied in a pony tail.

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Curly Hair Fish Tails

With Bohemian Fishtail braid idea, you can alter as many as 4-5 hairstyles. If you have unruly curls, straighten your hair a bit then three pony tails of the back side of your hair. Make fish tails of each and tuck them up to a bun decorating them with flowers or other hair accessories.

Curly Hair Fish Tails Generally Fish Tail Braids are meant to be done until a narrow underneath. But if you like to let some hair out untied, make sure they’re well brushed. You could also use a soft hair spray to manage the wing-aways.

Tousled Tom Boyish Fishtal Braid

Unleash the adventure girl in you with this hairstyle. Perfect for summer, this hairstyle is easy to pick also.

Tousled Tom Boyish Fishtal Braid

Make a crown atop your head with a rat-tail brush hold it with hair-clipls. preserve the bottom of your hair into a ponytail around the other shoulder and make a fishtail braid of that. This look goes best with spaghetti tops.