Five Highlight Techniques For Long Hair

Highlight Techniques For Long Hair Sleek, shiny long tresses are high maintenance. They need proper care with regular trims and cuts to maintain the healthy, glossy sheen. Long hair is usually left hanging loose or tied into a pony or bun and the elaborate hair styling saved for special occasions.

Many women and girls go for time consuming formal up dos, curls and waves to get visually beautiful hair. Highlights, on the other hand, are easier and effective accessories that make your plain long hair or styled hair stand out and enhance your looks.

You can try a few of these highlights both subtle and intense highlights with unique techniques added to the mix.

Five Hair Highlight Techniques For Long Hair

Simple Highlights – One Color

These are the simplest of  hair highlights for long hair. You can choose the color highlights in three ways. Go in for a color that is two shades lighter than your hair color. This works for those with natural dark hair.

Simple Highlights

You can use one that is two or three shades darker. This works for light brown or light blonde hair. You could opt for highlights that contrast with your hair color. A brunette can go in for strawberry blonde highlights and vice versa.

Simple Highlights – Dual Tone, Hidden Layers

Women who want to experiment, but not too much, can go in for dual hair highlights. Here again, you can choose two similar shades that are lighter than your hair color or two similar dark shades.

The choice of highlights would depend on the shade of your natural hair. You can also use two shades that are totally different from your hair color. A person with light blonde hair can go for chocolate brown and mocha highlights.

Dual Tone highlight

You can opt for hidden layers for one highlight. In this highlighting technique, visible sections of hair are given a highlight in one color and the layers below are highlighted in another shade. The hidden highlights are revealed when the top portion is flicked to the side.

Intense Highlights – Bright And Pastel Colors

Teenagers and younger women looking to make a bold statement can use this technique on their straight, wavy or curly long hair.

Bright And Pastel Colors highlight

You can go in for bright, bold colors such as bombshell red, mahogany brown or jet black. You can also opt for highlights in the trendy shades of pastel including lavender, green, blue and pink or try silver or grey color highlights.

Women with grey hair and open to experimentation can use pastel shades, light blonde and light brown highlights.

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Unique Highlights – Ombre And Reverse Ombre

These are unique fashion trends for 2013. The ombre highlights involve keeping your natural dark color on the crown and up to the neck level. The remaining hair all the way to the bottom strands are highlighted in a contrasting shade.

Ombre And Reverse Ombre highlight

Revere ombre as the name suggests is an inverted process where you keep the natural dark color from bottom to mid length of the hair strands and use light highlights on the top portion of your hair.

You can use two shades of contrast colors in both the ombre and reverse ombre techniques. Remember to find contrast colors that gel with your skin and eye color.

Unique Highlights – Tie Dyed

In this highlighting technique, the bottom strands are shaded in a multitude of colors giving it a tie dye effect. Usually, bold and pastel shades are used and the combination of colors is three or more.

Some women continue to use a single color highlight at the crown and mid hair sections  in addition to the tie dye look. This bold and bohemian look works for an outgoing personality. It best suits straight  hair with bangs and wavy hair.

Don’t forget to use a sun protection serum to make your highlights last longer. Use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair and keep your tresses healthy with oils and sprays available for colored hair.

Rekha Seshadri