Five Secret Tips To Get Thicker Hair

Thicker Hair

Thicker HairWe all adore and want a crown of silky, thick and long hair. But, the problem is that with all the pollution, our hair becomes coarse and eventually they fall.

We see models flaunting those thick hair locks and wonder how they got that. Well, we are here to share few secret tips to get thicker hair.

It also required having better hair to maintain good health by drinking enough water and having fruits and vegetables.

Tips To Get Thicker Hair

Massage Your Scalp

We shampoo our hair, we all do, but the question is do we take time and massage our scalp, gently. When you stimulate your scalp with shampoo, you help increase the blood flow to your follicles, this way the growth is boosted.


Use shampoo with eucalyptus oil or peppermint, your scalp will feel a tingling and cool sensation. You will feel relaxed after the treatment is over where the roots and the scalp will be cleaned properly.

Road To Thick Hair Goes Through Your Tummy

A good diet is crucial for that luscious, thick hairdo. Make sure you eat properly, on time and your food must contain necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair growth.

It is advised to have Vitamin C which is good for keratin production also you can have a lovely citrus salad with a good amount of lemon juice sprinkled as dressing. Vitamin B which is found in red meat can help you prevent hair loss.

Know Your Hair Type

It is important to know your hair type. Are they dry or oily? Accordingly you should buy products for them. Also, at any given moment, your hair is in one of these phases:

The Anagen cycle – also known as the growing phase, the Catagen cycle: it is the phase when two-thirds of your lower is ruined, the Telogen phase or the resting phase. If we calculate, 85-90 percent of hair is growing in the Anagen phase.

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Condition Those Hair Locks

Treat your hair like a baby, gently. You must take care of them and nourish them with a good conditioner. With pollution destroying the quality of hair, a good conditioner always protects them from harsh conditions.


When you hydrate your hair with a conditioner, you protect them from drying out and unnecessary splits. Condition your hair even if you wish to skip the shampoo part. Make use of deep conditioner mask with a warm towel around your head.

Be Careful With That Hairbrush

Hairbrush is best for styling, but it can be very harmful for your hair, if you are not careful with it. When you hairbrush your wet hair to untangle them you actually create split ends. So go for a plastic comb with wide tooth and gently brush your hair.

When you use a round hairbrush while blow drying try not to be hard, otherwise you might pull out some of your hair which might cause the hair loss. When you treat your hair nicely, you will feel like a princess. Try these tips to get thicker hair and add a few more. Make sure you buy only quality products with no harmful chemicals.

Do visit a dermatologist and consult if you face any problem. In order to keep the hair and the skin safe make use of effective shampoos and conditioners. It is seen that due to strong chemicals the hair and the skin get damaged.