Flaunt Your Style With 5 Popular Urban Hairstyles

If you wish to look hot this year, then keep a check on the latest urban hairstyles, which will help you stay in style. These hairstyles are the excellent options that get well along with all kinds of hair types, textures and haircuts. This helps you maintain the style wherever you go, whether it is the workplace or an occasion.

Modern hairstyles are extremely popular among the ladies as these help them express their sense of style and improve their self confidence. Read this article to know about the latest urban hairstyles that help you stay in style.

Popular Urban Hairstyles

Afro Urban Hairstyles

If you have a naturally black hair, this hairstyle is the perfect choice for you. This natural hairstyle is very easy to maintain and easy to do.

afro hairstyle

If you have frizzy hair, you must make sure that you apply a softening gel as it would be difficult to manage dry hair. This unisex hairstyle has immense popularity and is commonly worn by a lot of celebrities in various events.

Urban Hairstyles – Ponytail

This is a timeless hairstyle that is hot this year and is always popular among the ladies. You can look sophisticated, whether you are attending a significant occasion or you are going for shopping. It can be worn with great ease with top, medium and low styles to look different each time.

Hairline Ponytails

You can also create different look by making tight curls or loose waves. If you are willing to have a sleek look, then you can wrap it up as a chignon. Ponytails grab the top place among urban hairstyles that are hot this year.

Ultra Short Chic Hairstyle

If you have a slim figure with a heart shape or oval shaped face, this hairstyle is an excellent choice. This low maintenance hairstyle is the key to make you attractive in any occasion.

Ultra Short Chic Hairstyle

Make sure you add enough height on the crown. If you love vintage hairstyle, then you will love this hairstyle. This chic hairstyle is a popular one among the ladies as it offers a neat and cute look.

Stylish Knot Hairstyles

Knots are popular this year as they involve various sections in the triangle, square or diamond in your hair. Then proceed to twist each section into knots.

Stylish Knot Hairstyles


This is a great option for short hair as there is no need to braid each section. This hairstyle has gained very much popularity among the African women. So, this hairstyle has become their favorite and is considered to be one of the most popular urban hairstyles.

Short Length Urban Hairstyles

With your busy life, you can cut your hair very short as it will help you manage the busy lifestyle in an urban community. You can embrace this cute hairstyle if you want to get ready in a few minutes. If you wish to have an amazing look with a long hair, you can add hair extensions. You can also have a stylish look if you have fringes on the front or feathery front. For a spicy look apply rainbow colors, which would help you have a ravishing look.

Joyeeta Bose