Formal Short Prom Hairstyles

Formal Short Prom Hairstyle Prom night is probably one of the most anticipated nights in a teen’s life. Being the highlight of their high school years, girls are always planning about the perfect wardrobe and perfect hairdo that will help them make a big impression on everyone.

One of the most important aspects of dressing up for the prom is the hair and if you have short length hair then it can be a challenge of some sorts. It is easier to style long length hair but that does not mean there is any shortage of haircuts and hairstyles for teens attending their prom.

Most teens with short hair can create perfect look by opting for formal hairdos that helps them to experiment with different types of accessories and products.

Formal Prom Hairstyles For Short Length Hair

Choosing the perfect prom hairstyle can be tricky. A sophisticated and formal look is a good option but make sure that you do not overdo it and make yourself look older than you are. Here are a few great options that are formal, sophisticated and perfect for the prom night.


This is a great look that is formal yet carefree for short length hair such as bob haircuts. To create the perfect bohemian hairdo start by applying hair cream and blow drying the hair while brushing the hair with a paddle brush straight.

Next, separate the hair into the small sections and curling the sections with a curling iron. Once the hair is curled, run your finger to loosen the ringlets and make it loose and natural. Then part the hair in the middle and finish the styling by spritzing the hair with a spray. To make it look even more flirty and young, wear a headband.


This is a great option for curly short hair but in case you have a straight hair then you can use curling products to make soft tendrils that will work great. Start the styling by dividing the damp hair into sections that are 2 inches apart. Next, apply curling cream and blow dry the hair with a diffuser.


This creates waves in straight hair or enhances the waves for ones who have wavy hair. Once done, define the curls and frame your face with the curls. Pin a part of the hair at the back of the forehead. Let a few tendrils fall loosely on the face. If your hair is long enough to tie a ponytail or a bun then fasten a small bun at the nape loosely.

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Slicked Back

This is a great option for girls who have really short length hair. Start by applying a volumizing mousse on to the hair roots and work towards the crown. Next, apply a styling gel and comb the hair slicking the hair downwards.

Slicked Back

To make sure that the hair stays in place, use a hair mist along with a hairspray. If you are opting for the slicked back look, make a bold statement by using bold lips and large earrings.

Braided Hair Band

Another teen look that is becoming increasingly popular is a braided hairband. To create the perfect looking hairband start by taking a two inch hair section from behind an ear.

Next, split the hair and start braiding till you reach the opposite ear. Once this is done, secure the braid with bobby pins and leave the rest of the hair loose.