Formal Updo Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

Updo Hairstyle for Long Curly Hair Women with curly hair face a number of restrictions. For example, they cannot create fancy updos because the hair becomes unmanageable and messy.

But that does not mean it is impossible to create formal updo hairstyles in long length curly hair. With the right tools and the right hair products you can create updos that are stylish and perfect for your curly hair.

Curly Long Hair Updo Options

While choosing a curly hair updo, always remember that you should consider your face shape. If you have long face then opt for curly updos that are flatter and with side parts.

For wider face, add height to the updo while for square face always choose softer updos. Once you have picked the right updo for your face type and face shape, you can easily make a formal curly updo for any occasion.

Partial Curly Updos

Partial Curly Updos

One of the easiest option is this where you can start by lifting the curls and securing with bobby pins. Once the curls are layered on top of the head, just loosen the lower layers and add volume with a hairdryer and comb. For a perfect retro look, try a bouffant hairstyle with the top section of the hair.

Messy Curly Updos

Though not very popular for formal occasions, you can opt for this look for a semi-formal occasion. To make the perfect messy updo, loose strands are key so, always allow strands to partially dangle around. Also, crisscross the curls. Lastly, texture it with a pomade and style it with hair accessories.

Classic Curly Updos

If you want to opt for a classic updo then start by securing the hair at the nape to create a perfect chignon. The key is to keep it neat with hair gel and serums.

Classic Curly Updos

You need to flatten the curls and flyaways with a hair gel while creating the updo. If you want to keep the hair wavy or curly, then do not use a hair gel while combing the hair into a chignon.

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Romantic Curly Updos

For formal occasions such as weddings, you can flatter the shape of your face with a romantic curly updo. To create it, start by securing the hair into a ponytail leaving a few front hair strands loose to frame the face.

Next, place the ponytail high at the crown while securing on the sides and the nape. This will add drama to the style. Lastly, loosen a few curls and wrap it around the updo with bobby pins. The key to the hairstyle is the placement, hence, take time and place it perfectly.

Braided Curly Updos

Curly hair will also look good in a braided curly updo. Start by French braiding your long curly hair at the top of the head, leaving the lower strands unbraided and loose.

Braided Curly Updos

Alternatively, you can braid small sections of the hair and create an updo with the individual sections being braided together. End the styling by securing it with bobby pins and tucking it around the braids while creating a partial updo.