Four Liberty Spike Hairstyles 2013


Do do want to unleash the warrior inside you? A trendy warrior who symbolizes individualistic expression and collective freedom? Grow your hair long or keep it short but add some spikes to it. What started off as symbolic elements for ancient Britons turned into a  stand out statement for pop punk  fans, and is now a lingering trend. Those of you seeking something more – try the liberty spike hairstyle.

This particular style may be male-centric but that doesn’t stop some adventurous girls from sporting the look. The style characteristic is the same length spikes that radiate outwards or point upwards. They are durable when used on long hair and should be worn for some time.

This style works better with straight hair. Specialized styling gels, hair sprays, egg whites and Knox gelatin are used by those creating these styles at home. You may need an assistant, a family member or friend, if you are planning to try this on your own.

Four Liberty Spike Hairstyles In 2013

Mohawk Liberty Style

The Mohawk style is historically identified with Native Indian Americans. These spikes will appear on the top of your head and bang in the center. You can create Mohawk styles with long or short hair. To achieve this look, you can either buzz your hair on both sides or leave it as it is.

Mohawk Liberty Style

Back comb your hair, choosing a consistent thickness for each spike. Apply the product starting with the base of the spike and going upwards. Ensure that the base is thick enough for the spike to stand well. Repeat the process for each spike. Blow dry the hair, each spike at a time till it is dry. Use a hair spray to make the spike stand out well.

The Statue of Liberty style

The Liberty is less popular and more complicated compared to the Mohawk. There are variations to this style. You can have spikes in the front of the head that resemble the crown.  Sport spikes all around the head or ones that form a straight line through the middle of the head akin to the Mohawk.

Liberty Spiky hairstyle

The process of creating spikes is the same as with other styles. In this particular style, the base is thick but tapers to a thin, sharp point as in fencing swords.The tips are twisted together to get the sharp look.

Comic Book Liberty Spike

Girls can try the comic book version of liberty spikes if they have shorter and straighter hair. Use a strong styling gel that helps the spikes last longer. Start in the middle of the head and create spikes.

Comic Book Liberty Spike

You can keep them separate with hair bands or pins before applying the hair products. Apply the gel evenly from the base to the tip and then blow dry the hair. You can dye the spikes in bright or pastel colors for the punk warrior or anime look or use jet black for the goth style.

Benji Madden Style

Teens can try the Benji Madden Style. In this style, the spikes are formed all around the head resembling the rays of the sun. The base of each spike is thick with a narrow, pointed tip.

First timers should keep the hair relatively short and use strong styling gels or non toxic school glues. The hair spray can be used for final touch ups. The hair can be dyed a jet black color if you have light colored hair and want the exact look.


Rekha Seshadri