Frizzy Hair Treatment At Home

frizzy hair in womenOur appearance is enhanced by the way our hair looks. On one hand, where we spend a lot of time and fortune to get the right cut and style, we should take care of the texture and quality of our hair too.

Dryness and chemicals leave the hair brittle and frizzy therefore it is important to nourish our hair and moisturize it to maintain it smooth and silky. The unnecessary volume and lifelessness of frizzy hair can be easily treated at home using following of the many home treatments for hair.

Treatments For Frizzy Hair At Home

Curd And Ripe Bananas

Banana For Hair

Curd helps in deep conditioning of hair and is a good source to repair frizzy hair. Mix a cup of yogurt with mashed ripe bananas to make a smooth pack and apply thoroughly on your hair. Leave for half an hour before washing with a good mild shampoo. Care should be taken that the hair pack does not dry up on the hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A rinse with apple cider vinegar and equal amount of water after hair wash reduces frizziness of your hair and leaves behind smooth waves.

Apple Cider Vinegar

To use, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar after shampoo, let it stand for 30 seconds before rinsing off with cold water and then use conditioner. It also helps cleanse the scalp and brings natural shine to hair.

Raw Eggs With Oil

Beat up egg yolk and white to form a frothy smoothie. Add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and mix well. You can also mix lemon juice if facing dandruff problems and reduce the smell of eggs.


Use this mask on your hair and leave for about 45 minutes before thoroughly washing off. Eggs are a rich source of protein that strengthens and makes hair smooth, reducing frizziness.


Raw avocado is a good source of moisture for hair. Mash an avocado or two in a bowl and mix with water to form a thick paste and use on hair as a mask.


Avocado hydrates the hair and the high fatty acid content brings back the smoothness to the hair. It helps reduce frizziness even better when mixed with olive oil if the combination suits the hair type.

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Virgin Coconut Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is always a good way to relax your scalp and rejuvenate the follicles thereby promoting soft hair growth. Massage hot coconut oil to the scalp in circular motions and leave overnight for deep nourishment.


Before washing off in the morning, use towel soaked in hot water and tie around the hair like a turban. Repeat it for 4-5 times before washing off to reap full benefits.

Mayonnaise Mask

Mayonnaise is the best way to moisturize hair if it suits your hair type. On damp hair, massage mayonnaise like a conditioner or oil and leave for half an hour or so, depending on your hair length.


Use a plastic or shower cap to cover the pack. This leads to trapping of heat inside the head, opening the pores for better conditioning. Wash off with cold water and shampoo.