Fun And Happening Spiky Ponytail Teen Hairstyles

Spiky Ponytail Teen Hairstyles

Spiky Ponytail Teen Hairstyles One basic thing which a teenager wants with her hair is that it is easy to maintain and requires no regular routine. So, if that is what you want then long hair is not a good option as it requires everyday washing, conditioning, blow drying, etc.

The solution is to stick to a hairstyle that is easy to wear, easy to maintain, and also young and happening. One such great teen hairstyle is spiky ponytail hairstyle that is new and also fun to wear.

Spiky Hairstyle Options

Irrespective of the hair texture and the length of the hair, long-lasting spiky hairstyle is a great option. But one must understand that spiky hairstyle is not a natural hairdo but requires you to create it with the combination of right products and styling tools. For teenagers, time can be constraint and in such circumstances this might not be a good option. But if you can dedicate some time for creating a look that is statement making then ponytail with spikes might be a great options for youngsters.

Spiky Scrunchies

One of the simple and popular options is to create mini topknots. To create the spikes, one can tease the hair on the top to create instant volume. Next, spritz the hair with a strong holding hairspray and then start sectioning the hair from the roots.

Spiky Scrunchies ponytail


Twist each of the sections and coil it to create little topknot shapes that are pinned into place with bobby pins. Cover the head with topknots and then use your fingers to pull back the length of the hair to create the low ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Soft Spikes

If you are unsure of the spiky look on your curly hair then get rid of such worries because spikes on curly hair are a great combination. To make it look a little mellowed down, one can simply create soft spikes on the top of the head by using pomade and running it down through the hair on the top section. This must be done before you can pull back the hair into a high ponytail.

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Liberty Spikes

A great option when you are creating a side ponytail, Liberty spikes are basically styled vertically or horizontally. This is basically a variation of the Mohawk style of spikes but in this case the spikes are fanned out and not thick in texture. Finish the styling by spraying a firm-hold hairspray that allows the spikes to stay in place for a longer period of time.

Spiked Back

One of the simplest ways to let your ponytail be simple yet interesting is to create the spikes at the back of the head.

Spiked Back Ponytail


This goes very well with curly hair and you can enhance the curls by using a hair cream before blowing it dry. Next, use hair wax to create some large spikes at the back before you can pull back the remaining hair into a very low ponytail.

Spiky Fringe

If you are looking for an option that goes well with low and high ponytail then adding spikes to the fringes is a great option. To create the spikes, section the hair and create a side parting. Next, form bangs with a hair wax and style it across the forehead on one side of the forehead.

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