Funky Hairstyles For Men

Funky Hairstyles For Men

Funky Hairstyles For Men Neat and groomed haircut is undoubtedly a sign of being a gentleman, but once in a while breaking the rules and wearing your funky hair can be fun. Revolt from the stereotype of a well set and neat gelled back hair and live your fantasies of being a bad boy for a change!

Types Of Men’s Hairstyles

Disheveled curly locks

For that charmingly mischievous look try curling your hair. Curly locks are irresistibly sexy and give you the look of a carefree nomadic. Be sure to tame the frizzy hair by using hairspray which helps in keeping the delicately swaying curls in place. Adequate conditioning is required after shampooing the hair. Some of the creams which enhance the curls can also be used to tame the curls.

Chin up

Keep your hair till the chin with a little layering at the bottom and for that cool beachside look. Make it shiny with a special hair spray.

Down The Shoulders

Hair which touches the shoulders looks good when you have a healthy and voluminous mane. If your hair is limp it is better to avoid this style.

men's hairstyle

This regal look can be maintained with a good conditioner and regular shampooing. This kind of hair can be left open or can be tied into a ponytail for that neat yet casual look. Taking care of long hair is necessary as it can be prone to pollution when left open.

Front Parting

Get the Bard Pitt look by wearing your hair till your neck and give it a centre parting for that neat and impeccable look. Using the right hair products will give the hair that sparkle.

Messy Look

Create a messy look with your longish hair and get that perfect out of the bed look and show the world you can’t care less! This look will look great with thick hair and the strands of hair falling on the forehead will give you that youthful and boyish look which most of the girls dig!


Hairstyles For Men

Layering your hair will add style to the funky long hair and it can be styled in any way you want. Whether your hair is till your shoulders or neck, layering can add to the oomph factor. Layers can also shed some of the extra unwanted volume of the hair, making it more manageable.

How About Some Ropes

If you are a hard-core intrepid adventurer and do not shy away from experimenting, dreadlocks is something which could do justice to you. Wear your hair into tight ropes and leave it that way till you desire. A professional hair stylist would be able to do a flawless job with this style.

The Nerdy Style

Leave your carelessly loose without combing and tuck them behind the ear. This hair along with the bespectacled look is sure to intrigue women who get bowled over by that intense and intellectual look.

There is no debating the fact that half of the sex appeal of the Hollywood stars Ashton Kutcher and Johnny Depp can be attributed to their long hairstyle. Try this unconventional look and feel like a star!