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Gabrielle Union Hairstyles

By on October 16, 2012

Gabrielle Union is an American model and actress. Her hairstyles are a talk of the town. She carries beautiful and unique hairstyles to add charm to her personality. In this article, we are going to talk about the hairstyles of Gabrielle Union. These can be tried as per your hair texture and face shape.

Gabrielle Union Long Wavy Hairstyle

Gabrielle looks amazing in this hairstyle. Layers are added from the mid-lengths to ends. It is a classy hairstyle that gives bounce to the waves. This look is perfect for a long-shaped face. Bangs are added to give a soft touch to the style. Overall, it gives a brilliant look. You can also wear it on a diamond, square and oval-shaped face. A little quantity of shining serum is required to add shine to the hair.

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Time required to make a hairstyle: 30+ minutes

Gabrielle Union Curly Hairstyle

Gabrielle looks rocking in this style. Curls are added to the hair by using a curling iron. Layers give a distinct look to the hair. A side parting is created to give a definition to the face. You can create this look on a square, diamond, oval and oblong-shaped face. You must apply some hairspray to add hold and shine to the hair.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30+ minutes

Gabrielle Union Stylish Hairstyle

It is an exciting hairstyle that makes Gabrielle look stunning. Waves are added to the back and sides of the hair. This gives a lot of movement and bounce to the hair. If you have a round-shaped face, then this hairstyle is the ultimate choice for you. You can re-create it very easily. It is perfect to wear on a special occasion. You can also create it on a triangular, heart and oval-shaped face. A little amount of hairspray is recommended to make your hair look shiny and attractive.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30+ minutes

Gabrielle Union Long Straight Hairstyle

It is a smooth hairstyle that gives a stylish look to Gabrielle. Her hair are blow-waved straight. This results in a glossy and sleek feel. You can re-create this hairstyle very easily. It will look wonderful on a heart, triangular, round and oval-shaped face. Regular trims are required after every 4-6 weeks so that split ends can be prevented and the look of the hairstyle can be maintained.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 20 minutes

Gabrielle Union Casual Hairstyle

It is a simple yet attractive hairstyle. The length of the hair is kept till the shoulder level. Soft layers are added across the sides and top. Short and wispy bangs are added to give a distinct look to the hairstyle. This look will suit a diamond, triangular, oblong, oval and square-shaped face. You can apply some hairspray on the hair to add hold and shine to them.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30 minutes

Gabrielle Union Gorgeous Hairstyle

Gabrielle looks fantastic in this style. Waves are added across the ends of her hair. This hairstyle is quite simple to create. You can try it on an oblong, oval, square and triangular-shaped face.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30 minutes

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