Glamorous And Formal Long Straight Hairstyles

Formal Long Straight Hairstyles

Having long and straight hair is like a dream come true. But in reality, one must remember that a hairstyle depends on your requirement. Women with long straight have innumerable options for formal occasions as well as casual everyday appearance.

Formal long straight hairstyles are aplenty and while one is choosing one, remember to match it with your formal wear that would be accompanying the hairstyle.

Top 5 Formal Hairstyles for Women with Long, Straight Hair

Though the formal long, straight hairstyle list is endless, we have listed out the most popular five hairstyles that have withstood the challenges of time.

Perfect Ponytail

Though many consider ponytail to be a casual hairstyle, a ponytail goes well with formal wear too. Being a favored hairstyle among fashionistas such as Kim Kardashian and Gwen Stefani a perfect looking ponytail can be worn for formal occasions too.

Formal Long Straight Hairstyles


A perfect formal long, straight hair ponytail should be worn high and poker straight without curling the hair ends. For a feminine touch, one can wear the ponytail on one side of the shoulder. Finish the styling by spritzing the hair with a hairspray to iron out the fly-aways.

Poker Straight Slick back

If you are looking for no-nonsense look then nothing comes closer than a slick back hairstyle where the hair is divided into sections and swept back with a hairspray or a gel. Use flat irons for a perfect slick back but in case you do not want to use heat on your hair then use a gel before using a comb to pull back the hair.

Bold Braid

long straight hairstyles


For a party where you do not want to look too formal or informal, then opt for a laid back braid that means being feminine while meaning business. Fishtail braid on one shoulder is a great option for a formal look.

Ballerina Bun

Another popular choice is a ballerina bun. Simple yet sophisticated, a ballerina bun is a great option when you are wearing a party gown. While wearing a bun, you have two options – wear it high on top or wear it low at the nape – the choice is yours.

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Side Bun

Another great hairstyle option for long, straight hair is to make a side bun. To make a perfect looking side bun, start by spritzing the hair with a mousse, which will add texture to your hair. After you have applied the mousse, brush the hair and detangle every hair knot that you can find. Next, comb back the hair and pull it back into a side and low ponytail behind an ear. Use a gel to smoothen the hair as you secure the ponytail in position with elastic hair band.

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Once the ponytail is secured, start twisting the hair and coil it to make a bun. With long, straight hair you will end up making a big bun that can be coiled easily and sits perfectly on one side. Use bobby pins to keep the bun in place. In case you have side fringes or bangs, arrange them neatly around the face. Lastly, spritz it with hairspray.