Gorgeous Casual Updo Long Curly Hairstyles

Casual Updo Long Curly Hairstyles

Casual Updo Long Curly Hairstyles If you have long curly hair, you can style your hair into different styles either with professional help or on your own. These casual hairstyles perfectly fit any woman with different facial shape and structure. These casual updo long curly hairstyles would make you feel and look more feminine.

Being the favorite hairstyle among the celebrities, these hairstyles always find the top place in the charts. These hairstyles can be termed as carefree, loose and attention grabber ranging from pulling up twists, pinned, gelled, tied or lacquered to offer different looks.

Casual Updo Long Curly Hairstyles for Occasions

Prom hairstyle with half up

There are prom hairstyles with half up style that offers a tousled and not too perfect look. This can be achieved by rubbing mousse on the wet hair of yours and blow dry. You can pull them back and secure with pins. This attractive hairstyle can be styled in a few minutes.

Homecoming hairstyle

To have a much different look from the usual French braids, you can opt for an artistic style called the homecoming hair style.

Homecoming hairstyle

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This is apt for a girl’s night out and would require you to part your hair into two sections and creating a long piggy tail look on either side.

Highlighting lock style

If you are blessed with a round shape face, then you can opt for highlighting lock casual updo long curly hair styles. This updo would offer enough bounce and moment while the crown would have a hint of height and lift to enhance the round face of yours. This hairstyle would require you to smoothen the hair for deriving the perfect look.

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Fringy hairstyle

If you have a long face and long curly hair, then you can opt for fringy hairstyle. You will look glamorous in this type of hair style as it has long layered look defined by the fringes, spiral curls.

Fringy hairstyle

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This offers the mid length to look bouncy and curly. Grab a few styling products to derive this hairstyle at any time you prefer to.

Gorgeous Casual Updo Long Curly Hairstyles

If you prefer to look hot with your casual updo, then opting for the hairstyle with bangs would be ideal. You can compliment your wavy hair with straight bangs. This would make your curly hair look soft and loose while offering long and wispy fringes. There are also curly pony tails that are a huge hit with women with long and curly hair. Pull up your hair to one side and form a low ponytail and tie with small elastic.

Glamorize the look by securing with pins. You might also use one inch styling iron for curling to lend cute spirals and make it shiny by applying a serum over it. You can also be an attention grabber with a layered updo style. You can blow dry your hair and flick the ends during the process. This is the best of other casual updo long curly hairstyles as this type of hairdo would even out the frizziness in your hair. This hairstyle can complement any attire you put on.

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