Great Looking Yet Casual Long Wavy Hairstyle

Long Wavy Hairstyle One problem women with long wavy hair face is to leave the hair down. The problem is that wavy hair can fall on the face if you let it loose without looking soft and sexy as portrayed in many movies.

But things are changing and there are a number of half-up and half-down hairstyles that look great on long wavy hair without looking messy and uncontrollable. Additionally, these are usually no fuss hairstyles that can look apt for everyday general outings.


Hairstyle Options for Women with Long Wavy Hair

Unlike straight hair, wavy hair can be more difficult to manage but the options are no less for women who have long and wavy hair.

Hair-up Hairdo

This is one of the favorites for younger girls who like keeping things messy while tying their hair. To make this classic hairstyle all you need to do is to pull back the hair from the front and pull it back without letting it part in the middle. After pulling it back and tying into a high ponytail, loosen a few strands along the forehead and along the temples to frame the face. Loosely clip some bands and pins and complete the look without any hairspray or serum.

Hair Bump

long casual wavy hair styles


For a feminine yet casual look, the 60’s hair bump is a great option. To keep the waves more controlled, run a blow dryer when the hair are damp. Next, create a hair parting in the center of the hair and tease the hair at the crown to create the bump. Now, pull back the hair portions at the top and pin them with a hair clip. Allow the front hair to be loose and let it cascade down as naturally as possible.

Side Look

Another casual long wavy hairstyle option is the side look that is considered subtle by many. To create this look, part the hair and swoop it on one side keeping it over the eye. Next, wrap the hair away from the parting and join the section by loosely braiding or twisting the hair together. Secure the hair with bobby pins and let the hair blend with the hair at the bottom. Keep the waves natural and avoid overusing the curling iron.

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Slick Backcombed Look

This is a great office going hairstyle that can also be worn everyday, irrespective of your routine. To make this hairstyle, you need to make a hair parting and comb the hair against the head while pulling the hair layers back into a tight hairband. Once the hair is tied, let the rest of the hair fall down and cascade over your shoulders.

Wavy Bob

Most people associate this hairstyle with short hair but that is not so! You can have long wavy hair and yet wear this style. Before you can style your hair perfectly, one must make sure that your stylist has cut the hair evenly and perfectly. Once this is done, use a blow dryer to enhance the look of the waves and if you want it more defined then use a curling iron. End it with a salt spray that helps in keeping the style in place throughout the day.

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