Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair


Long and strong hair is desired by every woman. Healthy looking hair is a sure sign of a balanced healthy diet as well as good health care regime. Hair, just like our skin, needs to be pampered and attended to, or else you can cause damage. Shiny, lustrous and full hair can change the look of your face and personality.

There are several hair care products available in the market today, which may not live up to the expectation. Do not worry; follow these simple hair care tips for damaged hair to let loose your tresses at a party without having to worry.

Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair

Choose The Right Shampoo

How do you know which is the right shampoo for damaged hair? Of course, by trial and error, always read the ingredients at the back of the bottle to avoid using anything that harms your damaged hair. Use a mild shampoo, preferably herbal, that will help to recover the lost luster of the hair. Shampoo with extra protein will make your hair glow gradually. Remember not to wash your hair every day, it just makes it dry and increase hair fall.

Go Easy On Hairstyling Products And Treatments

One of the major reasons why women complain of damaged hair is the regular use of hair styling products. You may not bother till you face the problem, but these hair products have harmful chemicals that has harmful effects on your lovely hair.

Hair Care tips

Usage of curlers and hot iron can leave the hair dry and damaged. Therefore, it is advisable not only to stop using such products, but even if you do ironing, make sure to use hair smoothening creams that help to protect the gentle hair from the heat.

Conditioning Of Hair

You will find several hair care articles stressing on the importance of conditioning your hair. Regular use of mild conditioners after shampoo makes your hair soft and shiny. There are many protein conditioners for damaged hair. Try out homemade conditioners like lemon, honey and curd that naturally condition the scalp and makes hair long and strong. Egg whites mixed with honey is another great remedy for damaged hair. Rinse hair with vinegar to regain lost shine and get rid of dandruff naturally. Massage hair with coconut, jojoba or castor oil, which helps to nourish the roots, condition it and give the required nutrients for hair growth.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Diet For Damaged hair

Eating the right food not only cleanse your system but also reflects in having beautiful and strong hair. Include lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet. Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. Long, hydrated and lustrous hair is only possible if you follow a healthy eating habit along with a healthy hair care routine that involves using a good shampoo, conditioner and hairbrush to avoid damage and hair fall.

The above mentioned hair care tips for damaged hair works brilliantly. All you have to do is follow them religiously and get absolutely healthy and shiny hair in just few days. Have happy hair day every day.