Hair Care Tips For Fine Soft Hair

Hair care tips for fine hairEvery one of us is not blessed with beautiful thick volume of hair. Some of us have soft and fine hair. This type of hair not only is unattractive, it is not easy to maintain. It is really difficult to make any proper style with this type of hair. This article will help you to take the proper care of this type of hair.

Tips To Take Care Of Fine Soft Hair

Keep It Short

The ideal hair style of this hair is to keep it short. To add some volume visually, cut your hair unevenly that is in step or in layer style. It is better not to keep your soft fine hair long because the weight of the hair may pull your hair back.

Comb Gently And In Opposite Direction

The fine and soft hair is torn away easily. For this reason take extra care while combing or brushing it. Comb or brush your hair in opposite direction that is from low to top. Keep your head downward. Now start combing your hair from neck to forehead. Combing in opposite direction may make your hair fluffy.

Hair care of fine hairs

Keep Your Hair Tangle Free

Keep your hair tangle free. Fine and soft hair gets tangled easily. You need to brush and comb hair frequently to clear it. But do not comb or brush harshly. Do it gently.

Shampoo Your Hair Daily

Fine and soft hair becomes oily generally because of over active sebum gland. For this reason you need to shampoo your hair almost daily to keep it under control. But do not use harsh shampoo to get rid of oiliness. It makes your fine hair dry and frizzy. Use mild shampoo and followed by a conditioner.

Do Not Comb Wet Hair

Do not comb or brush wet hair because it gets split easily at that time. First wipe it dry. Wait till it gets dry completely in air and then comb your hair.

Hair Care Tips For Fine Hair

Home Remedies

You need some pack for hair to counter the fine and soft hair. Mix some lemon juice and chickpea powder. Make a smooth paste and apply that on your hair. Let it dry. Then wash with cold water. You will get a comparatively fluffy hair after it gets dry. Soak some fenugreek seed overnight in a bowl of water.

Next morning grind it into smooth paste. Apply the paste on your hair and wait for an hour. Then wash your hair with plain water. It will add volume in your hair. Egg is another excellent product that adds volume in fine and soft hair. Break one egg and take the white portion only. Yolk makes your hair more oily and soft. Beat the white portion properly and add a tablespoon yogurt in it.

Mix well and apply that on your hair. Wait till it gets dry. Then wash your hair with mild shampoo. Henna is an excellent product to treat your fine soft hair. Soak some henna powder in hot liquor of the tea. Add a table spoon of Indian gooseberry powder in it. Mix everything well into smooth paste.

Apply that on your hair. Be sure that every strands of hair gets the coating of the hair. Let it dry. Then wash your hair with plain water. You may or may not use shampoo. This henna mask is excellent to add volume to your fine and soft hair.

Follow these hair care tips and keep your problematic soft and fine hair beautiful and under control.

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  • Susan Coomer

    Shame on you. I looked for tips but all I read was baby fine hair is unattractive and the only solution was cut it short…So should I be ashamed of the genes I inherited or think God made me junk? I did not appreciate your view, advice, or opinion.